How Easy Is It to Get an ESA Letter Online?

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Open your web browser, and type in “Get ESA letter online” in the search bar. 

You will soon be bombarded with dozens of sites that promise an ESA letter in no time. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire and take a call (optional) with the in-site health care professional. Some sites even promise you a full money-back guarantee if you do not qualify after the call, which, let us agree, is highly unlikely to happen. 

These ESA letter mills are only one part of the problem. On the other end, you will also find sites promising registration certificates, vests, and collars that will qualify your pet as an ESA. In fact, these registrations are not recognizing your animal as an emotional support animal, nor will it get you any protection.

For the uninformed eye, these sites are convincing as legitimate services that make the process of acquiring an ESA letter swift and effortless. The only way to evaluate these sites is through online testimonials. For instance, U.S. Service Animals has an excellent rating on Trustpilot with over 3,500 positive reviews from satisfied clients.

So how do you find out whether or not you are getting an authentic ESA letter?

The Elements of a Legit ESA Letter

An ESA letter serves as a justification for your emotional support animal. There is a long line of disorders that could make you qualify for an emotional support animal. These range from anxiety, PTSD, depression, and even stress, according to some sites. As per the ADA, an emotional support animal is merely intended to provide comfort, and that could cover a broad range of disorders. 

In the process of applying for ESA letters, you are required to consult a licensed healthcare practitioner who will assess your condition. Based on their conclusions, they are the ones to decide whether you need an emotional support animal or not. 

As it is evident, the key here is to ensure that the site has access to licensed medical practitioners. However, not every site will even connect you with a therapist. While some sites will require you to complete at least a phone call, others will send you the ESA letter with no further questions asked. 

The only way to evaluate these sites is through online testimonials. You can search for feedback on ESA sites such as Certapet review to ensure that the platforms are legitimate. 

What’s the Verdict?

There is no question that it is incredibly easy to obtain an ESA prescription these days. However, it also points us to another issue. 

Regardless of this convenience, it is evident that the process is name-sake, and anyone can get access to an ESA letter. A proper prescription should come from a practitioner who knows the individual’s conditions and has treated them before. They need to take into account the living circumstances of the animal, the individual’s lifestyle, and how suited they would be for each other. Without all this consideration, the animal could have a health issue that will only pose more stress to the owner. 

Thanks to these online services, currently there are a lot of people abusing the system. But at the moment, there is no system in place that can keep a check on these online ESA prescription services. Stricter guidelines on what makes a proper prescription are yet to come in many states. And it is a critical step, as the changes should in no way impose any hurdles to those in genuine need of an emotional support animal. 


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