4 Rose Color Shades and What They Symbolize

different color roses

If you’ve ever visited one of the many stunning rose gardens throughout North America, you likely caught a glimpse of the sea of different rose color shades, far beyond the classic red hues. Indeed, there’s a good reason why roses frequently top the list of flowers for Valentine’s Day, new courtships, good friendships and longstanding, happy marriages. 

Because of their many color shades, each one has taken on its own meaning for the gifter and giftee. Trying to decide on the right rose color shade for your friend or new love and wondering which one best expresses your feelings? To ensure you get your point across, here’s a primer about four different rose color shades and what they symbolize.

1. White Roses 

White roses are commonly seen at weddings to symbolize a new beginning. However, you might also occasionally see them at funeral services or at other events to serve as a gesture of remembrance and reverence, such as for military honors. The white rose, in its sheer simplicity, offers such versatility of quiet emotion, conveying joy or a silent farewell with its presence. Whether you want to congratulate a new couple on their wedding or let a grieving loved one know you are thinking of them, a bouquet of white roses is the perfect choice. 

2. Yellow Roses

You’ve seen these bright, bold and sunshine-shaded roses, but did you know they symbolize more than joy? Yellow roses have various meanings, including happiness, friendship and even jealousy at times. Since most people don’t send flowers in a fit of jealousy, most recipients understand they’re sent to represent friendship and admiration. While the best-known yellow roses are canary or golden in hue, you might also see them in a range that varies from pale yellows to deeper browns. Additionally, you might pick out yellow roses as bridal bouquet centerpieces, but they’re often sent to express an innocent friendship and high esteem for the recipient. 

3. Peach Roses

Peach roses are delicate and elegant to the eye, but their meaning is somewhat mysterious to those new to studying roses. A curious step outside the red, white and yellow variants, the intricate peach rose has its own special meaning for the giver and receiver. One of the most well-known feelings inspired by this breathtaking rose varietal is an instant sense of modesty and propriety with an undercurrent of warmth. Perhaps its modesty symbolism comes from the mysterious shades within each flower that are not quite pink and not quite orange, with subtle differences from one peach rose to the next, making it somewhat enigmatic and therefore denoting modesty. You might send this rose to someone you admire and to whom you want to show affection and respect in a quiet and subtle way. 

4. Orange Roses

There’s nothing subtle about blazing orange roses, and it might come as little surprise that they represent passion, fierce love, enthusiasm, fascination and pride. If you know someone who needs a pick-me-up, or if you want to let someone know you’re proud of their accomplishments, orange roses will get the across loud and clear. You might even send some to yourself if you’re feeling down and need to perk up your home with these bold blooms. 

Indeed, There’s a Rose for Every Occasion and Emotion

Whether you want to convey a romantic sentiment or reverent farewell or design your wedding bouquet, these are only a few of the many rose shades from which you can choose. Now that you have an idea of the vast symbolism of rose shades, ranging from passion to platonic friendship and everything in-between, you can pinpoint the perfect flower to express your feelings and intentions.

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