Five Tips for Writing Superb Customer Reviews

Writing reviews can be difficult. What do you say? How do you phrase it if something was wrong? It can be hard to know what to do. Our tips will show you what to do, and soon you will be on the path of perfect reviewing.

Figure out what you want to say

There’s nothing worse than trying to leave a review, and struggling with the words. Before you go to the review site, take some time to sort through what you want to say. Think about your experience. What actually happened when you were using the business? What do you want to highlight? Did you have a good time, or a bad one? This should make the actual writing process a lot easier. You’ll spend a lot less time staring at a blank screen if you just take a moment to think everything through.

Do you want to leave a good review or a bad one?

This is a very important question. Do you want to leave a good review or a bad one? You might want to leave an ambiguous one, but these make life hard for customer reviews management. You will get on better just making it either positive or negative.

So, think about what you want to highlight from your visit. This is obviously easy if you had either a great time or a terrible one! You’ll need to give it some thought if your experience was in between.

Remember the star system

Remember that most review sites will have a star system as well as a text review. You shouldn’t leave the star reviews out! That’s often how reviews are categorised. You wouldn’t want people to miss your review just because you forgot to put a star rating on it!

You will automatically be put in the same category as other one, two, three, four, or five star reviews. The stars can help guide people who would want to read your review. Remember your stars when you read a review! You could be the review that tips a person towards or away from using a business!

Leave as many reviews as possible

Don‘t just leave one review – leave as many as possible! You can simply cut and paste your review, or you can write a new one each time. You want to write the best review possible, so make it one that will be posted again and again.

Try and state your point clearly each time. Make sure to fill every single part of the review page out. This will make sure that your review will be accepted for publication. More reviews mean more people will see what you have to say.

Leave reviews on the site itself

There are any number of review sites available on the internet. You can leave reviews on every single one if you want. One thing you should do, however, is leave a review on the business site itself. So long as you phrase your review properly, and have genuine information, they will publish it for all to see.

If you leave a review on the site, and it turns up, then you know you have written a good and meaningful review. This is the best way to actually get in touch with the site itself.

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