Top 5 Facts on How the COVID-19 Crisis Changed Education

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The COVID-19 pandemic definitely disrupted our normal lives. A lot of things had to change for as to be able to flatten the curve, and educational paradigms is one of them.

Thankfully, services like remained functional so students could complete their assignments. 

Here are five ways COVID-19 changed education.

The Crisis drove learning Institutions to explore inter-connectivity

The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us just how globally interconnected we are. Educators were able to facilitate classes for students who came from different parts of the world. 

Through the pandemic, we learn that education is possible even without on-campus experiences. International students did not have to abandon their courses just because they were home. 

The role of the educator has been redefined 

What we have been used to is experiencing an educator as the person that stands in front of us at the lecture hall. However, since the coronavirus global pandemic, the educator’s role has been redefined. 

How so? You may ask; well, for starters, the notion that the educator is the knowledge-holder has been completely dismantled. The internet gives students as much access to information as is the case with educators. 

Students are taking control of their Education 

What the coronavirus pandemic has done is; it has robbed students of their comfort zone. As a result, they have been forced to take control of their education

Since the internet gives students access to all the information they need, it hasn’t been a hard shift. The only difference is they no longer have access to the professors as much as they used to.

More institutions are teaching life skills needed for the future

If you pay attention to the shifts in the educational sphere, you realize that the coronavirus was a blessing in disguise.  It was a reminder that in today’s ever-changing global environment, students need to be taught life skills they’ll need for the future. 

Every student needs access to adaptability skills so that they can thrive in any circumstance. Navigating change requires an individual who is well prepared physically, mentally, and psychologically 

Learning Institutions are embracing technology as a way to deliver education

Because of how the coronavirus pandemic has shaken up things, more learning institutions are embracing technology as a way to deliver education. Colleges have been compelled to utilize the available technological tools to keep students on the path of learning.


Even though the coronavirus pandemic caught us by surprise, we have managed to adapt to the new normal. Learning institutions have adopted innovative ways to keep students on the path of learning. Students too, have not been left behind as they take more responsibility for their academic success.

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