How To Make CBD Oil on Your Own

How To Make CBD Oil on Your Own

As cannabis has become more accepted, research has found that the CBD properties of cannabis have plenty of health benefits that can help deal with chronic pains and ailments. However, if you don’t want the sensation of being “high” that comes with marijuana, CBD oil keeps all the health benefits but filters out the THC that causes that lightheaded feeling. While it’s nice that CBD is becoming more accessible, as a medical item it can become costly. So, to save you some money here’s how to make CBD oil on your own.

Ingredients You’ll Need

First, you’ll decide if you want to use a hemp flower or cannabis buds to extract CBD from. If, as I mentioned, you don’t want the feeling of being high, you’ll want to use the hemp flower. Hemp flowers only have trace amounts of THC, thus producing a more concentrated CBD oil. If you would like to invoke that high feeling, use cannabis buds for an average ratio of CBD and THC in your oil.

Equipment You’ll Need

Thankfully, equipment for extraction has become a lot more streamlined and beginner-friendly. Whereas you used to need to pull together a myriad of components, these days you can get your hand on an ethanol extraction machine that functions like and is of similar size to a coffee machine. These things not only streamline and automate the process for you but come with setting options so that you can tweak and modify the CBD oil to whatever specifications you desire most. As an added bonus, if any particular component of the machine is damaged, the same provider of your extraction machine will have individual replacement components for sale, so don’t worry about having to replace the whole thing if something goes wrong.

Deciding Your Dosage

A proper dosage can be difficult to decipher when first learning how to make CBD oil on your own, as the potency of each batch can vary depending on the purity of a strain or the concentration of cannabinoids within your primary ingredient. The best way to safely figure out what dosage works best for you is to start off with low doses to gauge the potency of the oil and how well your body reacts. If you’re still struggling to figure out the dosage, a one-time purchase of store-bought oil can help you gauge the “correct” dosage you need for your homemade oils.

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