5 Top Ranked Universities in the New Orleans Area

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So, you’ve decided to uproot your life and relocate to New Orleans for your college education. If you’re not a native New Orleanian, moving out-of-state for college can pose some unexpected challenges. These include leaving your friends and family behind, missing out on many family gatherings, potentially rattling culture shock, tuition hikes, and the arduous and costly process of purchasing a new wardrobe. 

However, despite the challenges, the benefits of moving to New Orleans outweigh the cons because the city is well-known for its thriving music scene, culturally-rich museums, breathtaking architecture, and lively Mardi Gras celebrations—all viable reasons to relocate to the “Big Easy.” 

Once you’ve settled on New Orleans as your new home base and checked-off your list of must-visit tourist attractions, you’ll need to research the most accredited universities in the New Orleans area.

Tulane University

Tulane University is a private mid-sized university located in New Orleans with an undergraduate student enrollment capacity of 6,898. The Tulane acceptance rate of 17% makes this institution quite competitive. 

Tulane University might be the perfectly-fitting glass slipper for those aspiring business executives initiating their higher education scavenger hunt, given that the most popular majors offered at Tulane University include marketing, business, and finance.

As an additional incentive, 85% of the students graduate, and its alumni typically enter the job market, earning a $42,800 starting salary. It became a private institution in 1884 under Josephine Louise Newcomb and Paul Tulane’s endowments.

Loyola University New Orleans

This Catholic and Jesuit institution is located in the Uptown neighborhood and stands proudly along the historic oak-lined St. Charles Avenue. It admits students from diverse backgrounds and equips them with the skills to lead meaningful lives.

Upon admission, students can choose from 24 professional and graduate programs and 60 undergraduate schools. Undergraduates can explore their passions and prepare for their full-time careers as musicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, or even artists. 

Xavier University of Louisiana

Xavier University is a private institution with an undergraduate student enrollment of 2357. As a historically black college, advisors, administrators, and academics alike are deeply committed to Black Americans’ education and professional success. 

Xavier University is a reasonably competitive university with an admission rate of 58% and a 49% graduation rate. This university is well-revered for its chemistry, biology, and psychology programs, attracting aspiring STEM majors nationwide. Unlike other universities in the area that yield a post-graduation salary, the school’s alumni typically earn a modest $29,900 starting salary.

University of New Orleans

The University of New Orleans is a relatively small university located in New Orleans, Louisiana, with an acceptance rate of 56% and a 25% graduation rate. It offers majors like criminal justice, business, psychology, and education.

Currently,  the University of New Orleans has 6,713 students enrolled for undergraduate courses. UNO is a popular college choice with high school graduates in the New Orleans area. 

Dillard University

As a historically black college, this private Christian university in New Orleans invests ample resources into African-American students’ education. Some of the university’s most pursued majors include nursing, biology, communications, psychology, business, and public health.

Dillard University’s graduation rate stands at 42%, with graduates earning an average of a $25,000 starting salary. It enrolls 1223 students for various undergraduate courses and has a 61% acceptance rate. The university strives to inspire its students to build intellectual capital through critical thinking.


Students can find a plethora of nationally-ranked universities and colleges in the New Orleans area. While the city is famous for its nightlife, Mardi Gras festivities, and active music scene, it is also home to top-choice universities like Tulane University.

*Note: an earlier version of this article inaccurately stated that the University of New Orleans is a historically black university with 1,404 students enrolled. The article has been edited to portray accurate information regarding the University of New Orleans.

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