Student’s Note: What You Need to Know About Edgar Allan Poe’s Life Path to Better Understand His Work

The captivating works of Edgar Allan Poe set a mark in today’s writing world. Poe was one of the most famous personalities and greatest poets of all time with outstanding works. His creative, social, and unusual character was portrayed in every part of his works. As university students looking to be great writers from college, there’s a lot to learn from his life. Meanwhile, to get you started on those research papers, let’s dive into the life of Edgar Allan Poe.

The 3-year Old Orphan Poe

Writing an essay on Allan Poe’s hard life would unravel his birth into the house of David and Eliza Poe in Boston, 1809. After the birth of the now renowned poet, the couple’s marriage faced major issues. Looking through a few examples from Edgar’s work at, you will see that fragments of his childhood reflect in his writings. When students read closely at his poems and works on nature, irrationality, fatality, and decadence, they see the essence of his unusual creative writing.

At the age of 24, Allan had already lost both parents, with his mother passing after struggling from tuberculosis. During these hard times, Edgar was taken in by the household of a Virginia-based merchant. John Allan and his family welcomed Edgar Poe as their foster son and made him a part of their clan. Even when he was just their foster son, the Albans changed Edgar’s name to ‘Edgar Allan Poe.

The Instant Success of “The Raven”

While the name from the Allan family was going to stick with Poe for life, he assumed several pseudonyms in the early 80s. At first, he embraced the pseudo character of “Edgar A. Perry” from his time with the military. A few years down the line, Edgar took on his first writing gig as a newspaper writer, where he assumed the name “Henri Le Rennet.” Of course, at the time of his first publication, he gave major credit to “a Bostonian.”

The poetry society respects and values the importance of great Allan Poe’s works to date. His famous narrative poetry, The Raven, made the New York Evening Mirror that decade. In 1845, The Raven portrayed exactly what Poe’s idea of a creative poet was. The dark tale became an instant mysticism success that gained his relevance in the world of poetry. Most high school and poetry students in universities have a section of The Raven on their art papers.

Accolades as the First American Writer

Edgar Poe achieved what many students dream of when learning to become a writer. His distinctive writing style towards short stories is studied in several universities and colleges today. Allan’s works at first were received with very little acceptance from poetry lovers. Let’s just say at the time; his poems and short stories didn’t strike as what everyone was used to. However, his works kept teaching the readers as they evolved with his creativity in writing.

In writing your college paper on Edgar Allen Poe, you’d discover that he is the first professional American writer. Be careful with facts on this aspect of his life to avoid plagiarism and also get valid information. The oeuvre of Edgar’s works is widely known across the globe from the 80s until date. His love and passion for the practice was his motivation for attaining outstanding success in poetry writing.

The Importance of His Works on Education

This should be the most common essay topic for students in the university on Edgar Allan Poe. Well, there are a couple of things students stand to gain from his poems, works, and personality. First, his creativity is a major part of Allan’s success in poetry. Young poets still study the creative mindset of the historical writer to date. His creative part was shown in every line of poems he ever wrote.

Secondly, not many believe this, but Edgar’s past helped in navigating the life he lived. Now, why many students may be less privileged to have a high-quality education, they can thrive to be the best. Edgar never wallowed in the past of being an Orphan or raised in a foster home. Instead, he took lessons from every aspect of his life and reflected it into every piece he ever wrote. Students should learn to embrace the journey to success and learn from turbulence along the way.


The birth, life, work, and aftermath of Edgar Allan Poe is filled with lessons for both upcoming poets and university students. As poetry touches the soul, we’re glad to have had a writer who creatively connected to his readers. Even after death, his works still set a mark in writing, creativity, and art education.


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