How To Throw a Virtual Party

How To Throw a Virtual Party

Has the pandemic put a pause on your celebratory events? Luckily, virtual approaches to celebrating special occasions will keep every attendee safe and socially distanced. More and more people are celebrating virtually in light of guidelines that prohibit large gatherings. If you have an upcoming event you want to celebrate, learn how to throw a virtual party so you can still rejoice with family and friends.

Set a Date

Schedule a date and time that works for most of your virtual attendees. You can send a calendar invitation or create an event on social media to establish the party’s chosen date. Pay attention to time zone differences if you’re inviting guests who live in a different state or country.

Choose a Theme

Even though the event won’t happen in-person, you can still make it grandiose! Select a theme for your virtual party to increase the excitement for the online event. You can create custom digital invites, mail out party favors, or email themed cocktail recipes to your guests to get everyone in the celebratory spirit.

Pick Your Technology

Employ a video chat application to get in touch with your loved ones. Popular video chat platforms include Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Hangouts. Zoom’s free accounts have a 40-minute limit on video sessions.

If you’re looking to have a party longer than 40 minutes, you can upgrade your account or restart sessions every 40 minutes. Google Hangouts is also a great option for smaller virtual parties, as it has an unlimited session time. However, it maxes out at ten online guests.

Regardless of which video app you choose, make sure everyone downloads it ahead of time to prevent any delays. Ensure a strong network connection before hopping on a video call to avoid any buffering frustrations.

Prep Your Space

As the host, you should bring some flare to the virtual celebration! Set up the space behind you to match the party’s theme. Vibrant streamers and festive balloons always hit the party décor mark. There are many different party balloon types to choose from. And make sure to keep party snacks and drinks nearby so you don’t have to leave your video session.

Drop the Link

With your personal party setup ready, you can drop the link to the video chat to your special guests. Send the link in advance so guests aren’t scrambling to sort through digital applications or invites.

Knowing how to throw a virtual party is a quarantine game-changer. Accessible video chat platforms are great for connecting with loved ones. And when you opt to celebrate via a virtual party, you can feel assured that everyone will have a fun time while prioritizing their safety.

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