Top Teams Favored to Win The 2021 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl LV is fast approaching, with less than a month remaining for the year 2020. Teams are trying to close up their remaining games but are struggling to do so due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with some of their players contracting the illness. However, some are doing excellently, setting records, tallying wins, and continuing their season run despite the current global situation.

As the season continues, teams occupy conference spots for a chance to participate in the playoffs. Often, the top teams of the season occupy the top spots. Those teams that excel this season tend to be the fan favorites going into the playoffs and are candidates to win the Super Bowl championship title.

There have been some hesitations this season, whether to continue the game or not. Nonetheless, listed below are some Super Bowl favorites to win this season’s title. Make sure to keep a keen eye on these teams and their status and root for them come Super Bowl. 

Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)

The Steelers continue to be the most dominant team of the season. They’re currently the AFC Northern Division and Conference’s top team, keeping their status as the top team of the NFL. They’re continuing their perfect run with a current 11-0 record, adding their victory against the Baltimore Ravens with a score of 19-14.

Veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger led the offense efficiently, having a 70.6% pass completion rate over 266 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. However, according to him, the victory was not at all convincing as the Ravens rallied with the lineup that they have at the moment despite some of their players getting hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Considering their current record and run, it would be safe to say that they are expected to claim the Super Bowl LV championship title. The Steelers are looking to improve their in-game results from the last game into their upcoming game against the Washington Football Team this Tuesday, December 08.  

Kansas City Chiefs (AFC)

The Chiefs retain their status as the second seed of the AFC and the Western Division’s top team, running only second to the Steelers. They’re on a winning streak, with a 27-24 victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, tallying a 10-1 record.

Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes II led the Chiefs, tallying three touchdowns and completing 37 out of 49 passes over 462 yards that game. That victory was hard-won, though. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers were originally down 10-27 by the end of the third quarter, but they rallied to cut their point deficit to three, almost stealing the win from them.

It is honestly a shame to see that the Chiefs and the Steelers wouldn’t be able to duke it out at the Super Bowl, seeing that they are from the same conference. However, it cannot be denied that these two teams are indeed strong contenders for the championship title. Fans would have to enjoy their matchup in the AFC instead, on whatever stage of competition their game would take them.

New Orleans Saints (NFC)

The Saints continue to be the top seed of the NFC and its Southern Division. With a good record of 9-2, the team continues their seven-game win streak with another win against the Denver Broncos in a dominating fashion with the score 31-3.

Quarterback Taysom Hill has been outstanding since the Saints have started him as top QB as replacement for Drew Brees who is out because of injuries. He completed nine out of sixteen passes over 78 yards, tallied two touchdowns and an interception during last week’s game.    

The Saints did continue their excellent run despite those two losses. If they continue to do so, they will cement themselves a spot at the playoffs and maybe pull an upset against the currently dominant teams to win the Super Bowl.

Green Bay Packers (NFC)

The Packers take the first spot in the NFC Northern Division and are currently tied with the Seattle Seahawks for the second seed spot in the conference with an 8-3 record.  Having shared the second spot in a three-way tie with the Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams before with a record of 7-3, the Packers broke it with their win last Monday against the Chicago Bears 41-25.

The win against the Bears seemed to be a convincing one, as they put up a deciding lead with their veteran quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, leading the charge. He completed 21 out of 29 pass attempts over 211 yards that game, with four of those leading to a touchdown.

From a 6-3 lead during the first quarter, they wound up pushing through the second and third quarters, tallying 21-7 and 14-0, respectively. They did let their guard down during the fourth quarter, though, as the Bears rallied and tried to completely erase that huge point deficit with a 15-0 run. However, it wasn’t enough as the game ended with that 41-25 score in favor of the Packers.  


Looking back at these teams’ histories, they had achieved championship status at least once during their respective season runs. They possibly feel the same hunger as before this season as they gear up for the upcoming playoffs.

It’s fun to root for teams that are achieving much during a season run, especially if those teams participate in the playoffs. Watching their progression during their games would be helpful if you ever want to make predictions on who would win this season’s championship title.

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