Legal Advice for Families: A Guide

Across the US, families seek legal recourse every day for a wide number of reasons. When you purchase a property, you’ll need an attorney to oversee your mortgage contract or conveyancing Townsville needs. When you get married or divorced, there are legal papers to be signed. And when you want to protect your family from repetitional harm or sue for damages, you’ll also look to a lawyer for protection in the eyes of the law. In this short guide, you’ll learn the best ways in which you and your family can engage with the law in the future. 


One of the most important areas of the law is that which protects your assets. From your investments in stocks and shares through to the roof over your head and the vehicle you drive, your assets represent your life’s work and your most valued investments. You want to protect them to ensure that you’re able to make the most of these assets – without them costing you an arm and a leg – in the future. 

One example is your home. This asset should appreciate in value, and your mortgage, overseen by your attorney, should fairly distribute ownership payments across months and years. An attorney’s influence in these matters is significant, as it’s your lawyer that you’ll trust with the management of your most prized asset. It’s also your attorney who will help you split the value of your home fairly in the event of a divorce. 


Suing an individual or a company can be hard work – and many families are put off getting involved in this side of the law because they imagine that it might cost them dearly to win a legal case that they fight in court. This is often a mistake: some legal professionals only collect fees if you win your legal case; meanwhile, others will collect fees regardless, but you’ll only have to dip into your own pocket for them if you lose your case. 

In both cases, you’re protected somewhat from the high costs of suing, which means that you can actually pursue the cases that you see as important to protect your family. Whether a child has suffered an unjust injury or you’re making a workplace compensation claim, it’s always worth considering a legal challenge. 

Family Lawyers

Finally, to work on cases like those introduced above, you’ll need legal services that you can trust. You’ll want to be able to ring up a legal professional in order to attain their advice on a subject – and you’d like for that individual to be familiar with your family so that working with them is easy. 

That’s why many families have a personal lawyer on retainer, on stand-by until your family needs them for a case. In other cases, your family lawyer might be a friend who simply advises you and makes introductions to specialist lawyers in your area. In either case, it’s recommended that your family get close to a lawyer to be better acquainted with the law. 

There you have it: three key ways in which your family can make better use of the law in the future.

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