Quick Ways to Boost Customer Support in the Big Easy

In an article that we ran in June, we looked at the potential adverse effects of COVID-19 on our community.  According to a Data Center update, job losses during this period exceeded those during the Great Depression, and Hurricane Katrina.

There’s hope on the horizon. The CDC has confirmed the rollout of the new vaccine over the course of the next few months. Before long, we’ll be back to business as usual. With that in mind, we’ve created this article on quick ways to boost customer support so that you are ready.

How to Boost Customer Support

Outsource Support to a Professional Provider

Outsourcing customer support provides your clients with instant access to professional service and saves you money. According to Glassdoor, the average call center operator earns $27,195 per year in addition to up to $9,151 commission. Assuming you run eight-hour shifts 24/7, you’ll need a minimum of three to four operators.  

Factor in training costs, benefits, and equipment, and it becomes an expensive exercise.

With a third-party BPO provider such as SupportYourApp, you pay for the call center capacity that you need. You may structure your contract to optimize support during peak periods. As your company grows, you may add extra capacity as necessary. The provider handles all team member benefits, training, and equipment costs.

Make Your Knowledge Base a Valuable Resource

Clients will typically try to find the answers to queries on your site before contacting support. Make it as easy as possible by creating a structured knowledge base that provides as much information as possible. Brainstorm all the questions that clients may ask, and add them to your FAQ page.

Up the ante by using natural language and phrases for which clients may search. Provide a short answer, followed by a longer explanation. Not only does this improve support for your customer, but it also enhances your on-site SEO.

Finally, make the information easy to search.

Consider Providing Social Media Support

When learning how to boost customer support, it’s surprising how many firms overlook social media. Many shy away from allowing clients to leave comments for fear of the potential negative impact of criticisms.

Your social media page, when adequately managed, becomes a useful support tool. If your clients spend a fair amount of time on sites like Facebook and Instagram, it’s convenient for them to use these channels for customer service. A quick tip for how to boost customer support is providing the client with what they want.

There is the chance that a client will complain, but that’s an opportunity in itself. The way you handle complaints shows your commitment to customer service. Perhaps you won’t save the relationship with that client, but you may impress other consumers.

Satisfied customers are bound to want to interact with your company and leave positive comments. Responding to these makes them feel valued and shows leads that you appreciate your clients.

Overall, there’s more potential for good from social media than bad. It’s a way to instantly provide social proof to prospective clients and get more exposure for your business.

Ensure Customer Success

Going forward, don’t wait for your clients to contact you. Get in touch with them once in a while without any sales intent. The purpose of these calls is to ensure that they’re getting the best possible use out of your product or service.

Proactively contacting them allows you to deal with potential frustrations before they become significant issues. It shows the client that you care about their needs.

Final Notes

Now that we’ve gone over how to boost customer support, which way makes the most sense to you? Will you start calling clients, consider outsourcing customer support, update your knowledge base, or start viewing social media differently?


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