Top Online Social Games

Being social right now in this current climate is a little difficult, due to many places having restrictions and many people having reservations about going out and about anywhere. This can mean that a lot of people can find themselves isolated and disconnected from their friends and their community. 

Thankfully, there are ways that people can stay connected through the internet, with many people already utilizing the power of Zoom and online video gaming to host quizzes, catch up with friends and play games. 

However, over time these activities can grow stale and a bit tiresome, as there are now plenty of people who are so overexposed that they shudder at the mere idea of a quiz. Here are a few other social games you can play online to help you elevate your boredom and stay connected with others. 

Online Bingo 

Bingo has always been a social game in its physical form, cramming hundreds of people together to have a good time in a community and potentially win prizes. As bingo has shifted into an online entity, these values and characteristics have not changed, as it’s now a vibrant domain with different types of games and experiences. 

Online bingo allows you to play multiple cards at once effortlessly; however it’s the biggest draw is how it enables you to live chat with all the other players, meaning that you can connect and foster friendships with strangers, or chat to your pals as you play. 

Online bingo is also greatly adapted to mobile play, meaning that you can still stay in the game when you’re out and about, making online bingo the perfect time killer.

Online Live Poker 

Poker is the most social of the gambling games out there, as it requires a large number of participates for it to be effective and fun. It’s also one of the very few gambling games that reward genuine skill instead of just deciding outcomes by dumb luck. 

These elements come together to make online poker a really fun and dynamic experience. When playing online live poker at, as well as other casino games, you get an authentic experience helping to prepare you for when you may want to hit the real-life tables. 

Be sure to learn all the rules before playing, as you don’t want to lose out on money because you’re disadvantaged. Make sure you know how to bluff, predict your opponent’s card range, and of course memorize the order of hand strengths. 

Among Us 

If you haven’t heard of Among Us, you’ve probably been living under a rock – or could even be an imposter! This is a brilliantly simple but super fun game that has captivated the world, where you and your friends play as little, colorful astronauts completing tasks on a spaceship. The catch is that one of you is a secret alien out to kill, and after each round, everyone has to guess who they think the imposter killer is. 

This premise means that the killer needs to be sneaky and that the others need to be suspicious, and this set up can lead to some hilarious situations unfolding with your friends.  

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