USA vs. Canada – Who has the best gambling players?

While gambling may have been a tough subject historically in the United States, with legislation baring most forms of online and sports betting the industry was slow growing and the only real gambling activity could be seen in casinos in the likes of Las Vegas. Yet just three years ago, a milestone event took place that would change the course of history for the North American gambling industry as the Supreme Court granted states the right to legalise online gambling. 

While this didn’t cause gambling to become legalised overnight, it has enabled a significant amount of growth over the past three years in which the US gambling industry contributes a total of $137.5 billion dollars to the economy each year, as well as employing more than 730 people. Recently, even more progress has been made as a further three states; Maryland, South Dakota and Louisiana have all legalised sports betting

Taking gambling to the next level

With the growth of online gambling in recent years, the industry has been able to reach a much larger customer base, however some have been taking it to the next level by making it their 9-5. While being a professional gambler used to take a lot of time, dedication and connections, today’s professional gamblers just need to be savvy researchers and know their way around the Internet. In today’s digital and globally connected world, it’s easier than ever for players to monetise what they’re doing by placing strategic bets and conducting through strategic research with the wealth of data and analytics that are now available.

As a result, there’s now a new group of elite professional gamblers across USA and Canada that can call this industry their profession. Let’s take a look at who some of these top players are across North America. 

Evelyn NG

Evelyn NG managed to make a living from the best online gambling in Canada, delving into the world of gambling and gaming from the early age of just 14 where she began to play pool. From there she began to play Blackjack and Poker and by the age of 17, she was a poker dealer. Born in Toronto, Canada, the 45 year old professional poker player quickly taught herself to play a number of casino games and got her big breakthrough at the age of 28 when she played at the WPT ladies night. 

NG finished in second place during this tournament and since then has gone on to lead a flourishing career as a professional gambler. Soon after this event, NG won a sponsorship deal with PokerStars and Bodog Gaming and over the last 10 years has won more than $375000. Now considered as one of the best female poker players and all- round gamblers in Canada, NG has also participated in the likes of the WSOP main event and has defeated some big US names, including Kathy Liebert, Annie Duke and Jennifer Harman. 

Evelyn NG is classed as one of the best female poker players in Canada.

Bill Benter

Bill Benter is a professional gambler and talented mathematician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He first became known for his skills at the blackjack tables in Vegas, in which he became so good at his ‘beat the dealer’ strategies that he was eventually banned from most of the casinos in the area. After this minor setback, Benter left the US to move onto the Hong Kong gambling scene, where his interest peaked in horse racing. During this time, Benter became known for developing some of the best and most accurate software for horse race gambling, as well as perfecting his formula for betting. 

Benter now makes approximately $100 million dollars a year, with experts suggesting he makes around $5 to $10 million on one race alone. While Benter may be king of the North American gambling scene, he is often found donating money and volunteering for charitable courses. 

Michael McDonald

As one of the younger professional gamblers in this review, Michael McDonald is a 31-year-old professional online gambler from Canada. McDonald has been named as the third player to win more than $10 million, in which he is also said to have won around $300,000 before he even reached legal gambling age. 

McDonald plays in a number of live tournaments across Canada and is definitely one to keep an eye on. 

Overall, it seems that the recently more progressive attitudes to online gambling and more flexible legislations than enable each state to control their own online gambling laws, is enabling professional gamblers to flourish in North America. And with more technical advancements in the pipeline, only time will tell just how much opportunity the industry holds. 

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