Charities That Assist First Responders

Charities That Assist First Responders

First responders are who we turn to in times of need. Public health and safety dominate their responsibilities, and they protect our communities despite the ample risks faced on the job. There are a ton of ways you can show thanks to local firefighters, police officers, and paramedics who safeguard the wellbeing of the community. This holiday season, donate to one of these charities that assist first responders to express your gratitude for those on the frontline of public safety.

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

This organization supports families who have experienced the loss of a fallen firefighter. The foundation provides financial relief to mourning families so they can properly grieve the loss of their heroic loved one.

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation

You may be familiar with their delectable hoagies, but did you know that Firehouse Subs supports first responders? The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation utilizes donations to provide much-needed firefighter products to fire stations. They also offer their resources and donations to public safety organizations and other first responders in the area.

Responder Rescue

First responder careers come with ample amounts of stressful and emotionally straining events. Responder Rescue’s mission highlights the importance of officer, firefighter, and paramedic wellness. They offer financial and emotional assistance to responders who have suffered a physical injury or emotional trauma on the job.

Other Ways To Thank First Responders

If donating money to charities that assist first responders is not in the cards this year, consider the following to show your appreciation for safety reinforcements in your area.

Cook a Meal

With hectic and irregular schedules, firefighters, EMTs, and police personnel are not guaranteed the pleasure of eating a home-cooked meal every night. Bring in a fresh batch of your favorite recipe to your local station to give praise to those making your community safer. Contact your local fire or police station ahead of time to confirm whether they are still accepting homemade dishes in light of COVID-19.

Write a Letter

A good old-fashioned letter is a memorable way to show thanks. Sending a physical letter displays time and effort to showcase your admiration. Letters can make a lasting impression on the recipient, serving as a nice reminder that their efforts are appreciated.

Say ‘Thanks’

Give a simple “Thank you for your service” when you pass your local firefighters, officers, and paramedics. Voice your gratitude toward first responders when you can—it’s easy and can make their day at no cost to you.

If you choose to donate this year, consider supporting those who keep your community safe. Give to a charitable organization that assists firefighters, paramedics, and police officers to help offer financial, physical, or emotional relief to the people who protect the public and their families.

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