Student Environmental Organizations And Their Contributions To Protecting The Planet

With the daily innovations of machines and automobiles that release toxic soot into the atmosphere, our planet is closely deteriorating. The government keeps implementing policies that’d help save our planet across various sectors. Meanwhile, colleges and universities have also found a means to support the cause by endorsing environmental organizations. To stand a united front in making Earth sustainable for the next centuries, we need to cut down pollution. Let’s check out these environmental organizations. Shall we?

The Eco-Rep Program 

Spread across tertiary institutions across the globe is the Eco-Rep program, a front designed to preserve environmental literacy in colleges. Part of Eco-Rep’s syllabus is a regular essay on environment competition that helps undergraduates study better. Students are always eager to commence this 2-credit course because it enables them to value the essence of nature. The platform shares practical examples with its members on ways to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The program is run by students for students, which creates and organizes several trips and voluntary opportunities. Eco-Rep ensures that its syllabus isn’t all facts, historical, and ‘boring’ but also infuses fun tasks for participants. At the end of each academic session, group projects are assigned to undergraduates to help the improvement of nature.

Green Building Council

The Green Building Council’s vision is to create a flow of career development opportunities for students concerning environmental protection. This council also engages young scholars in community development as well as projects to improve sustainability in society. Although, this organization is more deliberate in its contribution to help to save the planet. In the United States, GBC is a common club among professional builders, architects, and builders from their college days.

GBC focuses mainly on educating and involving undergraduates in building projects that aid the sustainability of Earth. The university organization or club educates, trains, and creates opportunities via seminars and conferences for its members. One of the major projects of the GBC organization is ‘Green Roofs.’ 


Since 2001, Greenshare has maintained its vision to facilitate the engagement of students in the green world. The environmental organization encourages its members to grow medicinal plants, herbs, flowers, and food. Aside from the several workshops and events hosted yearly, Greenshare also encourages writing research papers among members. Greenshare members have a common fall ritual where they nurture and maintain the garden before the vegetation sleeps during winter.

The education of agricultural life and nature, in general, excites students and teaches them to solve the problem of starvation. Greenshare is more passionate about sustainability and gardening that it offers developing programs and proceedings to members. Universities across the country have students from Greenshare volunteer to help fix the agricultural problems of rural areas.

Food Recovery Network

Another environmental organization with the mandate of sustaining an eco-friendly planet is the Food Recovery Network. The network engages university students in a recovering routine to collect the leftover food in the school’s environs. Members of the Food Recovery Network stop at dining halls after meals and events arenas on campus for leftovers. The organization also creates awareness against food wastage on campus.

Occasionally, the awareness against food wastage is also extended across nearby communities and rural areas in particular. The knowledge of food preservation from the network has developed student writers who write published articles on food wastage. Food Recovery Network maintains a mutually beneficial relationship between its members, the college, community, and planet at large.


Advocating against the damaging of our health and well-being is the reason for these environmental organizations. Students should learn about the importance of sustainability on our planet from tertiary institutions. This is why environmental organizations partner with universities’ boards to educate and empower undergraduates. 

Staying conscious of our environment helps us reduce the unforeseen harm that may arise daily. We’ve shared examples of how beneficial these programs and their projects are. Check out which of these programs catches your interest and apply today!

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