Culture Aid NOLA Distributes Nearly One Million Pounds of Free Food to the Community

On December 30th, Culture Aid NOLA announced big news on Facebook. In 2020, the group delivered a huge amount of groceries to New Orleans in service to the community. “In just over 9 months, Culture Aid NOLA has served 95,000 friends and neighbors while distributing nearly 1 million pounds of food!”

Culture Aid NOLA describes itself as an organization that, “…distributes free, fresh, no barrier, no stigma groceries in New Orleans. Feed the people. Serve the culture.” They require neither ID nor paperwork of any type to get free groceries.

Executive Director Erica Chomsky-Adelson says of their efforts, “Being able to serve our community is such a blessing. We’re grateful for our friends and neighbors who make our work possible. Every time we can give a bag of groceries to a family, it’s a better day.”

About how they achieved such a large goal, Chomsky-Adelson says, “We’ve brought in a lot of other non-profits and community partners to collaborate on feeding people with no questions asked. We’re proud to serve the hospitality and cultural communities of New Orleans. We buy food from local producers and suppliers, hire local musicians and DJ’s for our distributions, and give fresh, free food to our community members.”

For those who want help Chomsky-Adelson adds, “We believe that no one should have to prove they deserve food, and we respect the dignity of everyone who comes to us. Anyone who is hungry can walk, drive, or bike up to our distributions, and be served fresh food with respect and hospitality, no paperwork or ID needed. A list of distributions is on our website,

And for those who want to get involved, either to donate or volunteer, go to

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