How To Make A College Resume

Education has given so many people the opportunity to change their lives. If you are thinking about applying to college, then you must understand how to craft an effective college resume.

In general, we recommend you to use an online resume builder to build a professional resume. This is extraordinarily helpful if you’ve never built a resume or a CV before.

Research Your Target Schools

The first step is to research your target schools. Unlike job hunting, admission resumes require less customization because you don’t have as much experience to include. However, it’s still necessary to research your desired schools and degree programs.

A few good places to start are:

  • Official website
  • College-rating websites
  • Reddit and other online community
  • College social pages and social media groups
  • Admission’s office

While you may not know what major you want, it doesn’t hurt to make a list of potential majors. That way, you know what each program is about and can be more targeted when writing your resume.

Use An Online Resume Builder

Most people think resume apps are for “real” job hunters. But did you know they are just as effective for building college resumes?

Resumes built with an online design tool look more professional and thus leave a stronger impression on the admission officers. Some even have templates specifically made for college applications. Then, all you need to do is write out the information and fill it in the blanks.

Working With An Online Admission Portal

Most colleges now use an online admission system. Like online hiring portals, they put your application and all supporting materials through a digital database first. Therefore, you’d want to make sure your resume is readable by the algorithm.

Resumes built with online tools use the right design and typeface so that the system can read your application. This is a lot safer than typing up a resume yourself using a template included in Word Document.

Making Up For A Lack Of Experience

You may not have much employment experience to add to your resume, however, that shouldn’t stop you from looking professional. In fact, here are two things you can do to add some points to your resume.

Building A Reference List

The first step is to build a reference list. Your previous instructors are the best referrals in this case. If you’ve participated in volunteer work, program supervisors are also great references.

Keep in mind that you are applying for a college, not a job this time. Therefore, your reference list should highlight your desire and dedication to further your education.

Writing A Cover Letter

The second option is to write a cover letter tailored to your dream college. Cover letters are more human and casual. They allow your unique personal voice to come out.

Make sure you highlight why you will be a good fit for the college’s culture as a future student, and what your goals are by furthering your education.

Final Words

It’s always a smart idea to use an online resume builder for your college admission resume, especially if you are new to “job hunting.” That aside, here are some additional tips you can follow:

  • Focus on previous academic achievements, such as a high GPA or scholarship awards
  • Highlight yourself as someone committed to your education
  • Include a small portfolio of previous work if space allows

Before sending your application out, ask families and friends for their input. You should also seek the advice of your college preparation advisor if your school has one for you.

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