Cantrell Fires Back at Family Looking to Fix 7-Year Leak “Do Not Cause Harm to Issues that MY Administration Have Worked Extremely Hard to Address”

Photo Credit: Jenn Bentley, Big Easy Magazine

The Yuratich family has lived in Navarre for 10 years now and they’ve been dealing with the same troublesome leak for 7 of them.

In 2013, Jessica Yuratich’s father-in-law noticed a sinking spot in the yard right next to the driveway. Because of its proximity to the lot’s water main, Jessica reached out to the Sewerage & Water Board to notify them about the problem. 

The Board responded that the problem was not their responsibility but rather in the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works. 

“Neither one wanted to own up to it and say it was their issue to fix,” Yuratich commented. “I’d report it to one agency, they would say it’s not theirs. I’d report it to the other agency, they’d say, ‘No, it’s not us.’”

Over the years the sinking spot continued to grow until the driveway began to deteriorate. In 2019 the family’s 92-year-old grandmother fell into the hole, proving it was not only a nuisance but dangerous. 

Recently, the entire apron connecting the driveway to the street collapsed. The Yuratrich family reached out to WDSU, concerned that their driveway would not be fixed when a major public works project took place in the area in February, fixing sewer lines and streets in the area. 

Their fear was not misplaced: despite reaching out to the Department of Public Works and Sewerage and Water Board countless times, the sinking hole had not been fixed in 7 years. 

The Yuratich family also reached out to Mayor LaToya Cantrell asking for her help. They explained how it was also a problem that they had reported to the Mitch Landrieu administration and that they were also contacting media about it. 

Mayor Cantrell responded that the leak would not be paved over without being fixed but also wrote in the email, “Do not cause harm to issues that MY administration have worked extremely hard to address.” 

After WDSU’s report on the Yuratrich family’s situation circulated, crews were finally sent to their home to repair the leak. “I’m just really, really ecstatic that they’re here doing this finally,” Jessica Yuratrich commented, “It’s amazing what one call to the media can do after seven years of writing certified letters, contacting politicians. I call you and three days later they’re here.”

The workers found the ashy remains of a sewer pipe which was identified as the source of the leak. 

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