The Day White Privilege Became White Desperation

Photo courtesy of Jamal Anthony Taylor

On January 6, 2021, White Privilege became White Desperation. It became evident that white extremists don’t lose well at all. The United States, and the World, watched in complete horror as Donald Trump fanned the flames of insurrection and encouraged violence against the legislative branch of government. Trump’s actions have stained the legacy of democracy, and damaged the institutions of our government irreparably. We knew it was coming; however, Republicans made a conscious decision to play a game of chicken with what was once the world’s exemplar of democracy. Many of these individuals are elected officials from Louisiana.  Their gamble against American and Louisiana voters led to an attempted coup and an insurrection against the United States Government.

Members of Congress and the Vice President of the United States of America were forced for a moment to realize the fear and anxiety that exists when people of color are stopped by police.  They were forced to run, cower, and hide. It is my hope that the feeling sticks with them in a way that invites constructive change; however, I won’t hold my breath. I watched from my phone and felt the chilling and sickening feeling of despair. It was something I have seen before, but this time the terror was palpable. It was evident to me as I led protest in Louisiana and received death threats that these “patriots” are Klansman without the hoods. These people are domestic terrorists with red hats. Their assault against the government was thwarted, but the mindset of sedition still exists for many of them.

Much more interesting is this double standard for these domestic terrorists. I watched MAGA seditionist defile the Citadel of Democracy. They raped democracy at the seat of power of our United States Government. Police in one clip opened gates to allow protestors in. It provokes to the forefront of the minds of American an illness that has always been there. A sickness grounded in a loss of control, by people that fundamentally believe that they are owed their way. Today the world got to see our dirty little secrets.  BLM protestors would have been murdered if we had stormed a US Government Building and racists would be screaming antifa and treason. The truth is the people at the US Capitol were the criminals, and they always have been. The MAGA Rioters that stormed our United States Capitol have been treated with kid gloves. Had they been Black and Brown they would be dead, arrested, and defiled. They would have been killed once by law enforcement and a second time by the media.

More specifically, the young lady that was executed while attempting sedition and treason deserves no glorification. I have seen a series of news reports that are indicative of white sympathy for her death. She was a criminal that was murdered during the commission of a crime against this country. I don’t have kind words, thoughts, or prayers for people that act recklessly and lawlessly. She died a traitor to this country, wrapped in a Trump Blanket, and I will not lose a single ounce of sleep about it.

Finally, across Louisiana we need to take a hard look at the individuals who helped facilitate this insurrection and decide if this state wants to be responsible for sending individuals to Congress that will attempt to overthrow the government. It is my hope that voters in this state take a stance against each individual that participated in this attempted coup. More specifically, it is my hope that John Kennedy and Clay Higgins be censured by their respective house of Congress for their actions. Make no mistake, Louisiana was front and center in the attempt to steal an election. The question is whether we will stand up against it.

For all its worth I want to end on the note that once again Black Women saved US Democracy, by flipping both Senate Seats in GA. We will soon see if we will be able to mobilize and match their energy in Louisiana. Change is upon us, yesterday was the wake up call.

Jamal A. Taylor, Ed.M.

Co-Founder, Stand Back

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