How To Help a Friend Who Is Moving

How To Help a Friend Who Is Moving

When it comes to moving, there are a lot of details that need to be configured. The transition to a new home can be emotionally and physically demanding. If you have a friend moving into a new place, you may be wondering how you can help alleviate some of their stress. Understand how to help a friend who is moving so you can support your pal as they settle into a new abode.

Watch Their Pets

It can be stressful to keep after a pet while trying to get final moving details settled. Offer to walk or feed your friend’s pets when necessary. To be further helpful, consider watching their pet for a weekend so they can get their things in order without an animal in the way. You will also be helping the pet, should they be feeling frantic due to all the moving pieces at home.

Make Them a Meal

Once kitchenware is packed and sealed, it can be tough to whip up meals in the kitchen. Folks who are in the moving process often must resort to takeout and delivery, racking up an additional bill on food. Even if your friend does find the time for making dishes, it is rare that anyone has the energy to do so after a long day of packing and transferring boxes.

Bring over a large homecooked meal for your friend to enjoy. Opt for dishes that do not require silverware or a big clean-up afterward, as you want to be considerate of the fact their furnishing and utensils will be packed away.

Lend Your Vehicle

Renting moving trucks can get rather costly. When pondering how to help a friend who is moving, consider lending them your vehicle.

Allowing your friend to use your car for a couple of days, or even just a few hours, can make a huge difference in their total expenses. It’s likely a moving van will still be necessary for big-ticket items like furniture, but your car will be convenient for moving smaller or more delicate items.

Other Ways To Help

If you are physically able to, help with the actual move. An extra pair of hands goes a long way in the process, and it is likely that your friend could use your assistance. Alleviate some of the moving pains by packing up items, loading the truck, or unloading the truck. Your presence will be appreciated during any step of the process. You can also recommend high quality movers, like Movers Run, that could help where you can’t. If you are in New York, contact Three Movers for additional help.

Give a Housewarming Gift

Lastly, present your friend with a housewarming gift. Be mindful of housewarming gift-giving etiquette to prevent giving an inconvenient gift. Search for something sentimental that they can proudly display as a symbol of your friendship in their new home.

Assisting your friend with a move is a surefire way to let them know how much you care. Evaluate which of the ways to support your friend’s move are feasible and let them know you are ready and willing to ease them into their new home.

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