Krewe of Red Beans Severs Ties with Rouses, Potential Boycott Being Shared

The controversy with Donald Rouse and Rouses Super Market since his attending a Trump rally that led to an insurrection has not stopped with tweets or personal threats to boycott them. Now, Krewe of Red Beans has become involved. 

In a statement, The Krewe of Red Beans has made it clear they are severing their ties with Rouses and returning $20,000 to them. Part of the statement from Devin De Wulf read: 

The political views of the Rouses family are irrelevant in our decision making process. But, in the actions of yesterday, a line was crossed. A line was crossed by Mr. Trump and his supporters – including 1 Louisiana Senator and 5 Louisiana Congressional representatives. Every single American must now ask themselves where they stand. We stand with the people of New Orleans.

The Krewe of Red Beans will be returning $ 20,000 to Rouses Markets. $15,000 for a custom-designed “float house” as part of “Hire A Mardi Gras Artist”. And $ 5,000 which supported our Lundi Gras celebration.

And moving forward we will no longer shop at Rouses.


Krewe of Red Beans on its Facebook page describes itself thusly, “The Krewe of Red Beans was created for Lundi Gras 2009. The idea was to take inspiration from different elements of New Orleans culture (Making a suit like an Indian and Second Lining (like a Social Aid and Pleasure Club). … and of course, to celebrate the culinary tradition of Red Beans on Monday.”

Not only is Krewe of Red Beans returning money to Rouses but it’s going around that a possible Boycott is being planned on Facebook. While the demands don’t seem to connect to the Trump Rally, insurrection, or Donald Rouse’s involvement, there are several demands, including, “1. Setup food insecurity programs in the city. 2. Equal access to high quality produce in all stores…”


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