LA GOP Continues to Call for Voter Fraud “Investigation” Despite Insurrection

Despite an attempted insurrection, the Louisiana Grand Old Party (LAGOP) has stood their ground and requested a voter fraud “investigation.” They write:

The LAGOP stands with congressional Republicans who called for a full investigation into allegations of electoral fraud.

The party condemns violent protests by any and all groups on either side of the spectrum. Violence should not be tolerated-it is not part of our democratic process.

This comes after 62 court cases, filed on behalf of Donald Trump. All but one of which has been rejected by the courts. It also clearly comes one day after the insurrection.  Also, voter fraud is so rare, a person is more likely to be struck by lightning than be impersonated, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. 

Voter fraud and a “rigged” election has been Trump’s rallying cry and is at least partially responsible for people breaking into the Capitol Building, and the death of five people (so far), including one police officer 

It is logically inevitable that people who believe an election would eventually respond violently. 

The LAGOP does itself and the citizens of the United States a disservice, playing games with citizens’ lives. 

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