Reasons To Visit Gulfstream Park For The Pegasus Cup 2021

The Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida, will be full of excitement as the Pegasus Cup 2021 returns to give entertainment to its fans. After several months of staying at home and avoiding special occasions and events, the Pegasus Cup 2021 opens its door for horse racing fans to enjoy and witness the said event. 

Are you one of the fans that will go out and see the event at the venue? If you are still in doubt and came across this article to convince yourself, then let us enumerate the reasons why you should go to Gulfstream this January. 

To Witness The Pegasus Cup 2021 On-site

The most important reason why you should visit Gulfstream Park is to witness and cheer for your favorite horse to win the championship on location. Watching horse racing at home on TV or any device is different from watching it in person on the venue.

Gulfstream Park opens its doors to the public because of the Pegasus World Cup event, which is also why you are thinking of going. Betting live in action is also one of the reasons why you should go and watch the race.

Seven competitions will happen on the race day, including the event’s most important race, the Pegasus World Cup Turf and the Pegasus World Cup. Most of the finest horses are competing in the said event, which is why you can’t afford to miss it. 

The race will compete with the popular horses this year, including Code of Honor, Charlatan, and the favorite Tiz the Law, among others well-trained horses. It would be an unforgettable race in the industry. 

See Celebrities

There will be celebrities expected to watch the event aside from guest celebrities who will perform the event. Last year several celebrities witnessed how Mucho Gusto dominated the race and won the $3 million purse. 

Even with the COVID-19, celebrities will still come to the event as they are horse racing enthusiasts, and some of them are also betting for fun. The management is yet to announce updates on the shows that are included in the event. 

Many celebrities are horse racing fans, and they will surely be present at this event. Just like you, they are also excited to experience watching the race at the venue. Some even owned thoroughbreds who also competed in horse racing activities. 

Fun and Excitement

Being in Gulfstream Park that very day would be a whole lot of fun and excitement. It will be a good chance to experience this kind of event again since lock downs and quarantines are implemented due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Imagine yourself among the cheering crowd as the horses race their way to victory. The applause, the cheers, all that you have missed in the past months will be experienced on that day. 

Break the COVID-19 Fear

It is time to break the fear COVID-19 had brought to us. Although there are good things that the pandemic taught us, like being hygienic and clean all the time, we’ve learned to wash our hands regularly, we also became more health-conscious than before, but the fear of its risks is still present. 

We have almost forgotten what it’s like before the pandemic hit. We are now living our everyday lives, doing our normal activities with fear. However, we should also remember that we are now almost out of the storm, and we need to start doing what we love doing before without worrying. 

Why not break the fear associated with the COVID-19? By following the event’s guidelines plus incorporating your way of making yourself safe, you will ensure that you will unlikely catch the virus. 

Why not worry?

The COVID-19 vaccine is now available, and the US has started their vaccinations for high-risk individuals, including geriatrics, medical health workers, and government officials. In addition to vaccines being distributed and given to the public, the management of the Pegasus World Cup has imposed strict health guidelines and safety protocols for the event. 

The event capacity will be cut down by 20%, and seating arrangements are designed to observe spectators’ physical distancing. Thermal sensing cameras that can check the guest’s temperature are also installed on all entrances and exits of the venue. 

They also introduced cashless betting, which is a good way to avoid physical contact when betting during the event. If you want to be more extra, you can opt to enjoy the race at the Flamingo VIP Room on the third floor of Gulfstream Park. You can ensure that the VIP area would have more safety measures imposed to keep VIP guests safe.


It’s been months since you haven’t been on such a huge event and the Pegasus World Cup 2021 is an opportunity to get back to your pre-pandemic activities. It is one of the biggest events in the horse racing industry, and they are giving fans a chance to experience it once again after a devastating experience we had this year. 


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