The Four Best Ways To Consume CBD

The Four Best Ways To Consume CBD

CBD is becoming one of the most progressive health and wellness products available today. As the industry booms, more and more ways to take CBD become available, but which ones are the best? Let’s look at the four best ways to consume CBD.


Sublingual consumption refers to letting the product absorb under the tongue. Sublingual application of CDB is simple and highly effective. All you must do is hold the CBD oil under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. Sublingual application bypasses the need to digest the product and applies the product to the bloodstream much quicker so you can feel the effects in just a few moments.

Vaping or Smoking

Vaping and smoking CBD is another highly sought-out option. While the vape cartridge must be at the right temperature for the best results, inhalation also sends the CBD directly to the bloodstream to feel nearly instant effects.

Capsules or Gummies

CBD capsules and gummies are not the quickest way to consume CBD, but it is a simple way for beginner users. If you’re not a fan of smoking or the taste of CBD, capsules will be a tasteless alternative. Additionally, CBD gummies are an even tastier option for users. Although, it will take longer to reap the benefits of a capsule or gummy product, so you’ll need to prepare for a delay in effects.


If you’re simply looking to relieve aches and pains, then applying CBD directly to the area is your best bet. CBD topical creams and lotions work just like any other lotion—simply apply it to the area and let the pain relief set in!

If you’re a beginner looking to enter the world of CBD usage, consider trying one of these four best ways to consume CBD. And remember—no matter what route you take, there is no wrong answer. Each user will find they have their own personal preferences after some trial and error.

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