Bernie Wins Inauguration

At last, on January 20th, Bernie mania finally swept the world. The media, the citizens, they all finally came to appreciate Bernie—as a meme. 

No, we will likely never see a Bernie Sanders Presidency. However, Bernie will live in our hearts as the curmudgeonly adorable, recycled mittens-wearing man, sitting “comfortably” in a chair, with a meme that says of the whole inauguration, “this could have been an email.” Below, Big Easy Magazine has collected some of our favorite Bernie memes. Also, if you would like to make your own Bernie meme, there’s now a website, that will use Google Maps to place Bernie at any location around the world. Enjoy

Just give him his coffee and nobody gets hurt.

Or at least a Zoom.

Definitely a bit blasphemous.

Places to go, people to see.

And bless his heart for doing so.

Now, we finally know who did it!

Medicare 4 All!

Someone’s being overcharged on their water bill and he’s not happy about it.

Bernie’s getting a little sexy over here.



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