Juan’s Flying Burrito Includes “Black Lives Matter” on Its Receipts Causing Controversy and Earning Praise

You’re likely to find something you didn’t order on your receipt at Juan’s Flying Burrito, but if you’re not a bigot it’s unlikely you’ll be unhappy about it. 

The popular New Orleans restaurant, famous for its decadent nachos and unbelievable burritos, decided to make a statement at the bottom of its checks, adding the message “Black Lives Matter. No White Flags.” 

Warren Chapoton, the President of Juan’s Flying Burrito Group, explained that “It’s a very small thing for us to do to raise awareness.” 

Juan’s isn’t trying to fly under the radar about it, posting on Facebook in September to explain the statement they wrote, “Black Lives Matter is a statement. Period.  It is not a comparison to the importance of other lives.  No White Flags is in reference to a local non profit supporting people living with ALS.  These are separate statements, both demonstrating Juan’s support of treating people with dignity. Human decency is a strange thing to boycott, but since this is the U.S., and in theory we are allowed to express our beliefs here in the land of freedom and equality – do what you have to do. Here are resources for both Black Lives Matter and Team Gleason.”

In the comments on their Facebook post they did receive some hate with one person posting “Sorry Juan’s you just lost me” and another stating, “What Bullshit! I hope you close down!!!” Both of these comments, and the handful of other negative responses, emphasized why it’s important that Juan’s includes the message since there are clearly still people out there who don’t understand the movement or believe that black lives matter. 

Chapoton explained, “There’s been a whole storm on social media about it but we’re like whatever. Sometimes people write notes on the bottom of their check like “We’re not coming back” or “All Lives Matter,” stuff like that, but those people oftentimes don’t understand that one thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other… we’ve lost some but you know I think the people who feel that they’ve been recognized has been way more valuable and more rewarding for our staff at the end of the day.”

For the most part, Juan’s received overwhelmingly positive support from New Orleans residents who commented that they felt more loyal than ever to Juan’s Flying Burrito. 

Chapoton commented, “Our company’s culture is one of inclusiveness. Our experience has proven that this position is one of not only moral but also economic strength. In other words, differences like money make the world go round. It is simple, there is no mystery.  I find it baffling that so many feel threatened by those who are different. Culture is defined by differences.”

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