VR – How the Gaming Industry Adapts to a New Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is slowly taking off, but it has actually been around a lot longer than expected. Once confined to movies and sci-fi shows, VR was a term first coined in the 1980s when Jaron Lanier developed goggles and gloves to create a virtual reality experience unheard of in those days. Thanks to his and a wide variety of other inventors and visionaries, we’re able to implement VR into our modern lives, with online gaming being the main driver for this exciting technology. 

While VR technology is obviously aligned to online video games, it is also a great option for casinos on the internet, like winny casino for example.  Virtual reality allows for the most realistic gaming experience wherever you are, without having to set foot on a casino floor. It gives the illusion of being at a land-based casino, whether playing slot machines, table games or poker. All this is achieved from the comfort of your home. 

Despite initial excitement, VR has been slow to catch, mainly due to the expensive and high-tech requirements, but it has certainly become more accessible in recent times. Online casinos have finally caught on to the trend and operator are creating exhilarating, exciting casino experiences that could rival a night out in Las Vegas no matter where you are in the world. If that’s not appealing to online gamblers, we don’t know what is.

Let’s take a closer look at how online casinos and gambling sites will potentially adapt to VR gaming in 2021.

The gambling industry is changing

Depending on where you live in the world, the current economic conditions continue to be a major barrier for people wanting to enjoy leisure activities. Worst still, it may be a long time before life returns to normal. Due to some restrictions, more and more people are turning to the internet for entertainment. So much so, in fact, that there’s been a massive increase in online casinos launching in the past few months to meet current demands. There has been an increase in online players gambling at home, with sites battling for customers by constantly introducing new and exciting games and features. With virtual reality, online casinos can certainly upgrade their offerings by taking advantage of this sophisticated technology. Since only a handful of gambling sites make use of VR tech, joining the fold sooner rather than later will give operators a head start and attract players looking for an authentic experience second-to-none. Online casinos should seriously start looking into VR as players will no doubt want to add even more realism and excitement to their gaming journey. 

Endless possibilities

Online casinos wanting to dive into VR technology will understand that there are endless opportunities available. Not only in terms of games, but settings and environments. While nothing can compare to being at a real-life casino in Las Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo, VR gets pretty close. Even in the midst of an economic turmoil, many gamblers simply cannot afford to travel to these popular gambling destinations, whether it is on their bucket lists or not. Thanks to VR, everyone can experience a thrilling gambling experience and vr porn apps from anywhere in the world. There are no travel or budget restrictions to consider. Thanks to ongoing innovations, players can play their favourite games while on a beach in the Caribbean or even under water. The options are endless and opportunities abound when it comes to VR.

The future is here

Despite a slow transition, many online casinos exist that already feature VR technology, and we expect plenty more to pop up in the next few months and years. While VR may seem like a trend that will only really gain traction in the next few years, the truth is that VR gambling is already here. Simply Google VR gambling and you will find plenty of results of companies offering these services, along with reviews from happy and experienced players sharing their thoughts and expertise. 

That said, VR gambling does require initial expenditure on devices to make the experience possible, like VR goggles and gloves, among others. Virtual reality software is expensive and complex, so adoption will still be slow, although more prevalent than it has been in the past. That said, casino operators are certainly seeing the value and opportunities that VR can bring and the experience to delivers to customers. Technology moves fast and if the gambling industry does not jump on to this exciting trend fast, it could miss out big time. That said, we anticipate 2021 to be the year VR gambling finally becomes mainstream.

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