How to Celebrate with Your Loved Ones This Easter

If you’re looking for fun activities and things to do with the family this Easter then look no further. Whether we’re still locked down or not, there are so many ways to brighten this already colorful celebration. 

Scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts are among one of the most popular things to do with your family around this time. It doesn’t have to be a simple Easter egg hunt either! Why not hide some interesting Easter related items around the house and garden and draw up a map for everyone to work from. Want to make it a little trickier? Why not use clues instead of a map for people to decipher together. 

You could even offer a prize for the person or team who finds all the items first, such as a bottle of wine for the grown-ups and maybe a toy for the children. There’s nothing little a little healthy competition to keep everyone motivated!

Easter egg hunts and painting

Another great activity it the traditional Easter egg hunt. Whether you opt for the delicious chocolate kind or paint hardboiled hens eggs together first, it’s a fun activity for people of all ages to get involved in! If you’re wanting to celebrate with your extended family and friends too, why not hold a virtual competition via Zoom! All you’d need to do is decide how many Easter eggs you’re going to hide and set the kids off all at the same time. 

The winner could be gifted with an additional Easter egg or even one of the giant variety. Who doesn’t love extra chocolate at this time of year?

Easter meal with your household

After a long day of playing games and celebrating together, you’ll want to settle down to a yummy meal no doubt. Traditionally you would eat lamb and cook up an impressive roast dinner, but many families have built their own traditions over the years. 

Whichever meat (or meatless) dish you opt for, it’s sure to be loved by everyone! Why not decorate your table and make a centerpiece out of the dinner you’ve spent hours lovingly cooking too. To finish, get the children together or your household and make some moreish Easter treats. You could create mini-egg cupcakes, brownies or even rocky roads. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to desserts and sweet treats.

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