How To Make Valentine’s Day More Personal

How To Make Valentine’s Day More Personal

There’s nothing wrong with doing the minimum on Valentine’s Day as long as you remember it. Card, flowers, chocolate—check. But New Orleans isn’t known for celebrating things halfway, and your loved one deserves more. Get inspired with these ideas on how to make Valentine’s Day more personal and meaningful.

One-of-a-Kind Art

Our local galleries may not be open, but you can support artists by checking out their work online. The Palace Market on Frenchmen Street is providing links to painters, photographers, jewelers, and more. Find something that reminds you of your favorite person or something you did together. If all goes well, this gift will be the start of an impressive art collection. Also, you can turn your most cherished photos together into one artistic photo book of your style. Visit and start creating and designing your one-of-a-kind photo book.

Create a Scent

Cologne and perfume are traditional gifts, but why not find out which scents your partner really likes? You can buy a mix-your-own-scent kit and experiment together. A sampling of essential oils is just as enlightening. You can blindfold your partner and rate different combinations or choose a mutually appealing candidate for aromatherapy.

Pro tip: Pace yourselves, and inhale coffee grounds to clear your nasal palate between scents.

Read Their Mind

No psychic needed! Pick out a book you think they’d love to relax with or a special edition of a beloved classic. Try buying two copies so you can read it together and discuss—your own private book club! Take the time to gift wrap it creatively. The personal touch is infinitely more appreciated than a slick presentation, so don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Grow Together

Flowers are a beautiful gesture, but there’s no guarantee they’ll last the week. Instead, choose a plant in an elegant pot that will bloom more than once. Or take a step toward sustainable living with seeds for vegetables or an indoor herb garden. If your partner doesn’t obviously have a green thumb, play it safe with colorful succulents that only rarely require water.

Use Your Words

You don’t have to be a talented writer to jot down a few words straight from the heart. If you’re brave, try your hand at poetry. If you’re not, share a song lyric that means a lot to you. Add your thoughts to a card or make a list of the quirks you love about your partner. Write a letter for them to open next year. Think about how to make Valentine’s Day more personal by focusing on what your partner needs, not the most expensive gift you can afford. Start with what’s real; you can pile on the presents anytime.

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