How to Deal with Conflict of Interest at Your Workplace and Not Get in Trouble

Before we venture into this important area of resolving team conflict, let us set the definitions straight. When your colleagues or employees cannot decide who is to complete that dreaded report and who was to remind the supplies office about ordering the paper for office printers, it’s one thing. It is pretty manageable on the level of department or its section. With good getting past conflict training you’ll settle it in no time at all.

But when employees with access to insider’s info start pushing forward a very lucrative contract from a ‘very good company’ that is accidentally run by their friend or relative, it is another one. This conflict can lead to problems with law (if your company is publicly traded), or to serious problems within a company at best. So ask for legal help from your lawyers to do everything right.

Resolving Team Conflict Based On Mundane Matters

Such conflicts usually arise on the ground of miscommunication or when someone’s feelings are deeply hurt. Hence, to settle them, you need to ensure that people communicate properly and hear what the other says. Or else, you find out who insulted who and act as a benevolent peacemaker. Yes, it may look like running a childcare center, but we all are children deep inside.

In general, you will need to provide safe grounds for communication, let everyone (no exceptions or exclusions) speak out and define the common point that can be agreed on right now. From these small points of common interest you will be able to develop global solutions that will suit everyone. It all sounds easy in theory, but actually, a professional getting past conflict training will give you workable tools to face the conflict in reality.

Conflict Of Interests In Its Legal Sense

We hope you will never have to face it because, when mishandled, it can destroy the reputation of your company and its financial success overnight (think WeWork example). Yes, this success-to-disaster case is a good example of conflict of interests that arise because someone in the company wants to take inappropriate advantage of his or her position. In a private company, it is the problem of owners to tolerate it or not. But if your shares are traded on a stock exchange, you do not have the right to fail.

We explain it to you here so that you looked closer at what is going on in your company and never took anything lightly. For sure, it is only the outline of what this kind of conflict looks like and how to approach it. But if you plan to learn more on resolving team conflict, a good training program will not only equip you with full knowledge of the matter, but also will give you the plan of action for all key situations you may face. So choose wisely!

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