Habits That Aren’t as Green as You Think

Habits That Aren’t as Green as You Think

Don’t assume that just because a product is “all-natural” or has a “green” label on it, it’s the best option for the environment. To get a better idea of what you can do, read here and educate yourself on some habits that aren’t as green as you think. Hopefully, this information can instruct you on how you can affect the environment for the better.


One would think that recycling greatly helps the environment. It’s better than items ending up in the landfill, but it can still negatively affect the environment by contributing to air pollution when the recycled materials are turned into new products. The truth is, what’s even better than recycling is using reusable items that you don’t need to throw away or recycle in the first place. For example, reusable water bottles make all the difference environmentally, as opposed to using plastic bottles and recycling them.

Using “Green” Cleaning Products

Home cleaners can damage air quality, and there’s unfortunately no proof that “green” cleaners are any better for you—especially because they aren’t required to meet any industry standards. The truth is, the only way you can know what’s in a cleaning product and whether or not the product is truly “green” is to make it yourself.

Buying Organic Groceries

Just because an item at the grocery store has the word “organic” on it doesn’t mean it’s the best option. “Organic” does mean the farms stay away from synthetic pesticides and try to use sustainable farming methods, but those are only a few of the aspects of farming that affect the environment. The best thing you can do is buy locally. This not only reduces air pollution by reducing the delivery and transportation of products but also decreases greenhouse gas emissions. It also preserves farmland. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Driving a Hybrid

This is just another example of how something that’s seemingly “green” can decrease one harmful element to our environment while increasing another. Hybrid cars do produce less emissions, but the energy required to manufacture a hybrid produces more air pollution. The best thing you can do is walk, not drive.

Hopefully, this information on four habits that aren’t as green as you think has opened your eyes. You really can make a difference; you just have to go about it the right way. Do your part in helping our planet today!

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