Community Goodwill Saves Big Easy Pet Shop and Rescue but Help Still Needed

There’s a lot of tragic stories going on in the world but this isn’t one of them. After speaking to Big Easy Pet Shop and Rescue store owner Brenda, Big Easy Magazine can confirm that they’ll be able to keep going.

Yesterday, Big Easy Pet Shop and Rescue put out a call for help on their Facebook page, writing. “Hi Neighbors. I’m having a hard time writing this, but I at this point I feel like I have to…” the post continues below:

Big Easy Pet Shop and Rescue II

After speaking with Pet Shop owner Brenda on the phone she has good news, and the New Orleans community is to thank for that, hopeful that Big Easy Pet Shop and Rescue will be around for a long time. She says, “And to be honest from the response I’ve gotten today, we’re easily going to be able to pay it (the rent) now.” She adds, “I’m overwhelmed right now. I wasn’t asking for handouts but also, we had people waiting at the door when we opened today. It was unbelievable and it wasn’t just people from the neighborhood. It was people from all over.”

But with having over 600 adoptions a year, Big Easy Pet Shop and Rescue could still use your help. You can do that by either shopping at their store on either 839 Spain Street in the Marigny, or 513 Dumaine in the French Quarter. Even easier, you can also donate on their either their Square page here, or their Facebook page, Big Easy Animal Rescue (BEAR), which is honestly the cutest little acronym in the world.

When you come into the shop also keep this in mind, Brenda says, “And all the money that comes into the shop goes to the rescue.”

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