Mardi Gras Plans Cancelled? NOLA Ready Needs Emergency Shelter Volunteers

An unprecedented winter storm is freezing most of Louisiana, resulting in nearly 67,000 residents losing power. While New Orleans will be spared from receiving any snow, temperatures will drop to as low as 25 degrees tonight, and there is expected to be some ice developing in the early morning. 

To respond to the winter weather, NOLA Ready has put out a call for volunteers at emergency shelters across New Orleans. 

Temperatures will be below freezing all night long which will pose a risk to New Orleans residents who don’t have somewhere warm to stay. The “feels like” temperature will be 13 degrees, which not only will be brutal to sleep in but also life-threatening. 

City officials have said that they are working on ensuring shelter to those who need it. The NOLA Ready Volunteer Corps needs volunteers to help as many people as possible. 

Roles include registration, meal distribution, and supply restocking. They need help through Wednesday when temperatures will start to warm up again. 

If you are interested in volunteering, click here


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