What Types of Pests Can You Encounter in Your New Orleans Home?

New Orleans is characterized by long and hot summers; short, cool, and windy winters; and wet and partly cloudy weather year-round. The climatic condition makes the region favorable to a vast variety of animals, including insects and nuisance wildlife. Unfortunately, many of these animals are pests that cause troubles for homeowners. In this post, we examine some of the most common of these pests.

Black Moth Caterpillars 

While oak trees are the pride of New Orleans, this tree is also home to one of the most troublesome insects – the black moth. Although adult black moths are harmless to your home, their larvae commonly eat through cotton and wool fabric, as well as dry goods like pasta and bread. 


The prevailing heat, moisture, and humidity in New Orleans during the spring provide cockroaches with the perfect environment to thrive. While roaches reside in the bark of live oak trees in the wild, they hide in cracks and crevices in the furniture and upholstery when they’re indoors. Cockroaches may carry certain bacteria that can cause illnesses if left on food. Cockroach bites may also occur if their population exceeds the normal food sources. 


Come April, these nasty bloodsuckers will start coming out in large numbers. Mosquitoes are mainly known to transmit malaria through their bites. However, mosquito bites may also transmit diseases and viruses like dengue virus, Zika, and West Nile virus, which have potentially deadly effects if left untreated. While it’s difficult to eliminate their presence, ensuring there are no stagnant waters around for them to lay their eggs is a good place to start. A pest control specialist can also help you handle more serious mosquito infestation problems. 


Bats are common in Louisiana, and they commonly roost in human settlements like the attic or shed. While bats pose no serious risk to humans, their droppings can be dangerous. In a bat colony, the droppings (guano) quickly accumulate and develop mold. Inhaling fungal spores from bat guano puts you at the risk for histoplasmosis, which can result in serious respiratory troubles. If you are suffering from a bat infestation it is always best to hire a professional wildlife control company for help. You can find bat removal service in New Orleans here.


Squirrels also cause lots of problems for homeowners in New Orleans. Thanks to their great climbing abilities, some do reside in the attic or chimney. In your attic, they will chew on the wood, insulation material, and pipes to trim their incisor. These nasty pests will also eat fruit and nuts from your garden and may damage fruit trees. 

Rats and mice

These nasty pests are found everywhere humans are – and New Orleans is no exception. They are highly destructive and will chew on wooden structures and household items. They may also contaminate your food. To learn more about rats and mice visit ratvsmouse.com


Although raccoons are quite big, they have learned to live successfully in human settlements. If comfortable, a raccoon will build its nest in your crawlspace or attic. In the attic, it will rip off the insulation and other material to build its nests. A raccoon will also steal fruits from your garden. They also carry zoonotic diseases that pose health risks to your family and pets.

Wrap Up

New Orleans is home to countless pests. Other common examples include Formosan termites, snakes, opossums, moles, feral hogs, and armadillos, among many others.

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