Record-Breaking Winter Weather Causes 4 Deaths in Louisiana

Source: “Snow” by Marc Davison is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

rolling blackouts that left over 67,000 people without power, water boil advisories in numerous parishes, and over 350 ice-related car wrecks, the winter weather that hit Louisiana this week has been severe. 

Governor John Bel Edwards dubbed it the longest prolonged winter weather “in decades” commenting that ”it’s very significant.” New Orleans experienced the lowest February 16th temperature in over 50 years, while temperatures in Baton Rouge shattered records, with the lowest temperature in over 100 years. 

The negative impact of the storm was felt most acutely by the 4 individuals who died because of the extreme conditions. 

In Carencros, a 50-year-old man slipped and fell on ice. He suffered a fatal head injury. 

In Lafayette, a 74-year-old woman died from exposure after she wandered away from home. 

In downtown Shreveport, a homeless man froze to death. 

In Calcasieu Parish, a 77-year-old man slipped on the ice, fell into a pool, and drowned. 

Low temperatures and ice are forecasted to continue in northern Louisiana through Thursday but should be clear of the state by the weekend. 

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