The Hardest Items To Recycle at Home

The Hardest Items To Recycle at Home

Recycling is one of the best things you can do to reduce waste, but some items make proper recycling a challenge. You should sort recyclables correctly to decrease the chances of the materials ending up in a landfill. Check out our list of materials that make for the hardest items to recycle at home.

Broken Glass

Glass is a common recyclable. When broken, glass becomes complicated and hazardous to toss. Even if it’s shattered, it can still go in the blue bin—though the way you dispose of it should change.

To be considerate of waste management workers and increase personal safety, carefully place the broken glass into a durable recyclable container. Putting the shattered materials into something that can withstand its edges will prevent future injuries for folks handling them.

Old Cables

If you’ve ever upgraded your home network, you’ve probably found yourself with cable duds. Old wires can accumulate in drawers and home offices, creating a jumbled mess. The reason network cables stick around the house so long is likely because you aren’t quite sure how to dispose of them.

Correctly recycling network cables can minimize your home’s e-waste. Understanding how to discard old wires can help you update your network system without compromising your eco-conscious lifestyle.


Often placed in fragile packages or used to make coolers and cups, you can quickly amass Styrofoam. It can be tricky navigating what to do with Styrofoam since you probably have no alternative use for things like packing peanuts—making it one of the hardest items to recycle at home. One option you have is to relay the material to facilities with the resources to break it down.

The best practice to adopt when faced with Styrofoam is to assess the other contents that come with it. Break down any boxes that contain this non-biodegradable substance and sort them in recycling. Refrain from purchasing from brands that continue to use unsustainable materials like Styrofoam.

Tossing Locally

Are you stumped when it comes time to toss these products at home? For proper recycling guidelines, visit the EPA or your state and local waste department websites. Locate a recycling center in your area to get rid of recyclables in one fell swoop. You’ll declutter your home and feel better about your sustainable habits.

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