Weird History Facts They Don’t Teach You In Class

What is studying history, if not memorizing an outdated set of information that probably wouldn’t help us that much in life? Quite the opposite, actually!

Though many people still think that the subject can be tedious, in reality, as we grow older, history starts becoming considerably more interesting to us. Millions of students worldwide now study history for the sheer diversity of knowledge it adds to their intellect and the numerous career possibilities it opens. History degrees in universities are booming, and we see the role the subject has in everyday life expand. Historical documentaries and movies are some of the highest-grossing works of art in the world. Therefore, though we might harbor thoughts of history being somewhat dull, the majority of us do enjoy it when presented in a consumable and exciting manner. 

One of the best ways to convey historical knowledge is to put the information across in quirky and fun ways for the students to digest. Facts and figures might seem dreary, but you might remember humor and weird facts about history better! Here are a few odd history facts that they don’t teach you in class. If you’re sipping on coffee, be careful, you might choke on it while laughing!

The scarcity of cats might have led to the bubonic plague!

We all know that the middle ages had a considerable degree of superstition surrounding them. Pope Gregory IX somewhat declared war on cats, especially black ones! Yes, that’s right, the furry friends who won’t get off of our laptops were once hunted in Europe because the Pope thought that they were evil!

Ironically, because the state hunted cats, this gave room for rats to spread throughout Europe. It is believed that the absence of cats made way for the bubonic plague to spread!

So next time you’re glued to your laptop while studying an online degree in history, think about how cats might have been the saviors of the world at the time!

Rabbits attacked Napoleon

One of the most significant military figures in history was once bested by the most unlikely of foes. Though Napoleon may have gone down in history as a supreme conqueror, did you know he was attacked by a hoard of bunnies? Lol yea!

Rumor has it that Napoleon planned to hunt the rabbits, therefore, had them collectively released for captivity. After which, they changed their mind and charged towards him and his men collectively. Though this may sound like a cute dream, rabbits can bite really hard!

Sadly, the rabbits lost as they were no match for the great Napoleon Bonaparte. What a way to remember the great military commander than remembering that bunnies once took advantage of his men. 

The French execution of a pig

The 12th century was a weird time. Many odd things happened, and rulers made some extremely questionable decisions. 

One such example is when a pig attacked a man in France. Regardless of what injuries the man faced, that isn’t part of the story. The pig was tracked, arrested, and kept in jail. It then stood trial in a French court and was found guilty of its crimes. The swine was then handed over to the executioners and put to death for its crimes. Though we do not know if pork chops or bacon were on the menu that day for the executioners, one can only hope they weren’t.

Russia ran out of Vodka

This already sounds like a significant historical event that had long-lasting consequences!

The Russian state has become synonymous with its production and consumption of Vodka. The Russians export Vodka worldwide, and the alcohol is consumed by just about everyone looking for a good time.
However, after the end of the Second World War, the people were so ecstatic that they partied to the point where the entire state ran out of Vodka just 24 hours after the war ended. That’s right, the country known to produce and export the beverage worldwide depleted its sources to nearly 0 within hours of the war ending. 

Though there is a sense of humor to this story, let us not forget how relieved these people were from some of the darkest times in recent history. With millions dead around the world and uncertainty plaguing their everyday lives, partying and copious amounts of alcohol seems like a fitting end to the second world war. 

Order of the Pug

A secret society sprouted up in what was then Bavaria in 1740. Though secret societies were gaining speed around this time, the Order of the Pug was considerably different from the Masons, who we know about today. The purpose of the society was to bypass the Pope’s restrictions on Catholics from joining the Freemasons.

Members wore dog collars and scratch doors around Bavaria. Novices also had to kiss the behind of a pug as part of their initiation. The society lasted for over a century and even entered the 20th century. A refreshing change from the mystery and fear attached to secret societies that we hear about today. Rumor has it that the organization ended somewhere around the early 1900s 


Though we have been looking at some of the weird historical facts, lets this not dampen the significance of some historical events taught in class. History has a great deal of struggle behind it. Sure, it has a sense of humor, but let us not forget about the hardships of times gone by.

Studying history can open your mind to understanding culture, politics, and religion better than before. If you are interested in the subject, consider pursuing a degree in the discipline. Online education has made it easier and more engaging than before than ever before!

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