Why Turntables Are Making A Comeback

When Cassettes and DVDs got into the market, most people expect the old record player to take its final bow. But through the years, these newcomers failed to phase out their predecessor. In the end, they were the ones who struggled and disappeared, while turntables remained strong in this digital age.

Sales of vinyl records on different platforms, as well as record players and turntable accessories, proved its unwavering mystique. But how did it outlive the new technologies and remain strong despite massive digitization in the past era?

Turntables Give Off A Better Listening Experience

These old record players emit immaculate sound, making them superior to CDs and downloaded music. With songs recorded in analog, there’s no better way to listen to them but through analog. Experts compared it to 35mm photos, while analog music that went through digitization, compression, and played through horrible devices is equal to low-quality digital photographs.

While digital music is portable, the ease of accessibility and storage compromises its auditory value. Moreover, the experience of appreciating the cover art, taking out the vinyl disc from its sleeves, and playing it over the turntable is non-existent with the digital way of listening, which is one-dimensional.

It Is Tangible

You can’t build a collection with digital records. And because these digital copies are easy to replicate, you couldn’t sell them at a profitable price. On the other hand, some vinyl albums may be limited-edition. Many of the records you have at home may have come from your grandparent’s collection and have an artist’s signature on them. These items may increase in value over time, and it’s what separates them from digital music.

The tangibility allows you to collect, store, and decorate your home with these precious items. When you buy a good turntable and take care of some vinyl albums, you didn’t just buy them for impeccable music and fill your home with a timeless vibe.

Classic Feel And Connection

Nowadays, the market pays for nostalgia. As such, producers create and sell items that exhibit sentimental value. On the other hand, vinyl records only need to stay the same, and the yearning buyers would come for them. With vinyl albums continuously selling out in music stores and Amazon, turntables will remain viable for a very long time.

Listening to turntables brings back the old times. Those who love to experience the good times once again would prefer relishing Karen Carpenter’s voice through vinyl instead of CDs. The smell and the feel of the cover arts and the experience of carefully lowering the delicate stylus to the record are all worth it.

Conclusion: Turntables Will Remain Here For Very Long

Apart from baby boomers and generation X, turntables have allured some millenials into listening to vinyl records. As such, turntables must have kept their stronghold and charm, and making a comeback is an understatement. Despite the growing consummation of digital content, the traditional way of enjoying music will stay around for a long time and probably outlive younger alternatives in the years to come.


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