Simply Fabulous Sets of Silk Scrunchies


Ok, so the observation has to be made, Scrunchies don’t get the attention they deserve. Well, now they do. Silk is the pathway to sophistication and sophistication will now not just be a bow or a tiara. Scrunchies are now going to receive the same level of attention. 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. A silk scrunchie will compliment any wardrobe and a set that has been tailored by Golden Hour will give your wardrobe a dazzling array of colours of this new and sheek fashion accessory.

About Golden Hour 

Golden Hour is a bespoke company that is providing a fashion niche that has been long neglected in the market. That is; scrunchies that are refined, elegant and tasteful. The golden Hour mystique is that if your hair is in a bun, or in a ponytail, it needs to be framed in silk. 

When I look at Golden Hour’s silk scrunchies, two words come to mind. Those two words are elegance and quality. For a scrunchy it can’t just be fashionable, there has to be functionality as well. 

Golden hour’s silk scrunchies are highly well made. The strong elastic gives you what you need in practicality and that practically is covered with ruffles of silk. 

A Simply Fabulous Set

When I perused through Golden Hour’s catalogue, a thought quickly arose in my mind. Yes, these Scrunchies are tasteful and yes, silk is something not traditionally associated with a scrunchie.  However, are these fashion pieces amenable to my wardrobe? 

Sometimes I find myself at work wearing a dutiful dress, sometimes an airy skirt for a romantic dinner in Paris or Milan. I can’t decide what goes with what. My handbag matches my heels, but not my skirt. Nothing matches my blouse. It can be a headache at even the least stressful times. 

But, with a silk scrunchie, you now have an accessory that will blend an outfit that originally didn’t match. 

The thing I really liked about Golden Hour is that they provide fabulous little gift boxes, with a array of different colored silk scrunchies. These cute swirls mean that I have a little scrunchie that goes with any outfit. You’re not limited in your color scheme

Are you a Valentine or more Azure?

Golden Hour’s scrunchie gift boxes go according to the preference of your colour palette. If you’re a romantic, if deep reds describe you and match your lipstick, then you’re going to prefer the Valentine gift box set. Valentines Day means the red of roses, the red of a heart shaped box of chocolates and a deep red silk scrunchie will add a tasteful perfection to the look. 

The pink scrunchie is more understated if you’re going for a more subtle look. The white silk scrunchie is especially cute if you’re going for colour neutrality. 

Personally for me, I thought that the Azure gift box gave my colour accessorizing the most options. Whenever I’m on a beach in the mediterranean, and I’m on a deck chair staring at the brilliant blue of the sea, then I would like a scrunchie that will compliment my surroundings. The blue matches the sea, and the gold matches the sand. A silk scrunchie doesn’t have to just be for a ballroom, it can also be for a deckchair.


A silk scrunchie is a fashion statement that has the cutest appeal and the set boxes will ensure that I have a dazzling array of them to match!   


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