Are Online Casino Games Fair?

A major concern that worries most players when they sign up on online gambling sites or casinos like Captain Cooks casino is knowing if the games are fair or rigged. This is a genuine concern as the players give their bank details and invest a good amount of bankroll, so they should be given fair play.

Is online gaming rigged?

The quick answer is – no, but only if you play at licensed casinos such as Gclub Grand. The main end of online gaming is profit, as that of any business is. This is one reason why people suspect online games are not fair as they have an idea that they make you lose money deliberately. But that is not the case with most casinos as this depends on the reputation of the casino.

This also doesn’t mean that you will always win whenever you play. There are just some games that have a higher house edge than some. A higher house edge means that the game has a higher chance of the house winning, which leaves you with fewer chances of winning. For example, card games like blackjack have a lower house edge, and slot games have a higher house edge.

There are many instances where the casinos do cheat. One example of this is not giving the amount at the pay out, as mentioned in terms. Like if a casino offers you 100% cash at payout but only pays you 95%. This accounts for fraud and can be reported.

Another common accusation of cheating or rigged games usually occurs for card games. There is an accusation that online poker games are sometimes rigged to make the new and inexperienced players win so they develop interest and play more.

There have also been reports and complaints that some online casinos allow an observer to watch the players’ cards and tell them to an active player.

All the forms of rigging and cheating can be spotted if you know your game and the betting ways and rules. You should also be a good observer to notice the patterns that imply that the game is rigged.

Audited by authorities

All online casinos need to be regulated and have to be audited. Thus, any casino that trades publically is under a lot of scrutinies. Government authorities and different third parties audit them. This is done to make sure that the online games in these games are fair and not rigged. This also ensures that whether their random number generations are random and don’t follow any pattern. They have to go under constant checks to maintain their reputation as many Asian white-listed casinos

Good reputation

You should always make sure that the online casinos that you are playing have a good reputation. You can find casinos with a good reputation by doing a Google search. For example, you can search for a Thai casino with best reputation by the following keyword (link added) – ????????????.

Good PR

An online casino with good PR also has a higher chance of being fair. It is best for the online casinos if the players win as that will increase the PR of the casino and attract more and more people.

Independent Testing

Also, make sure that the casinos that you choose go through independent testing. Independent testing is when every game that a casino offer goes through testing. Independent testing makes sure that all the games that an online casino offers are completely fair.


There have been instances when rigging and cheating have been reported in an online casino, but if you choose a casino wisely, its chances are reduced. If a casino has a nice license and a good reputation, the chances of their games being rigged are low.


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