The Misunderstood Nature of Ripple and Other Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency trading has been a part of the financial world for over a decade, attracting a big audience of investors and traders. Over the course of this decade, cryptocurrencies showed both their positive as well as their negative side, not only turning several investors into millionaires but also being the reason why many investors lost a big part of their investment funds. The negative aspect of the story revolves around the bursting of the crypto coin bubble in 2018. That event led to severe losses for professional and occasional traders, affecting the value of every single cryptocurrency. 

Almost three years later, several cryptocurrencies have recovered from the bursting of the bubble both in terms of value as well as in terms of reputation. Today, everyone is talking about Bitcoin and Elon Musk. But other cryptocurrencies are important, and they might have a big future. One of these cryptocurrencies is Ripple; the most affordable big cryptocurrency.  

Ripple might not be considered the king of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or even the biggest contender for the crypto throne-like Ethereum. However, it is still one of the most important assets in the crypto market. Even though Ripple, other cryptocurrencies and crypto-based products are characterised as “ill-suited” by financial regulators, they play a very important role towards revolutionising the world of finance. Blockchain; the technology cryptos are based on and also the technology that heavily evolved through the development of Ripple, is becoming a key element for the transactional protection of various types of transactions. This does not only apply to online trading and to monetary transactions, but also to commerce, archiving and the sharing of sensitive information. 

Many traders do not really care about the basics of crypto technology and about understanding what blockchain is really about. If the product makes them money, then there is no reason for them to waste their time trying to understand blockchain. On the other hand, by not understanding the nature of your investment, you also do not understand the asset’s full potential. Cryptocurrencies might be volatile and unregulated, but when their technology has the potential to change the future of digitalisation, then you need to consider that there might be a lot of hidden value behind what the indices and the charts are showing you. 

And that’s the case with Ripple and XRP. Its purpose is not to make money as a digital coin, but to provide several functions. The technology focuses on payment settlements, with the idea of making it faster, secure and – crucially – smarter than traditional methods of moving money. If you look at modern payment methods, like the ecoPayz solution here: Those payments are fast and secure, but they still rely on traditional banking methods, as do PayPal and Skrill. And, you would be surprised just how cumbersome the banking system is. Ripple and other blockchain technology companies aim to change that. 

The financial market has an abundance of trading assets from which a trader can choose. You can invest your money in petrol or take a gamble and buy stocks of Big Hit; the company managing superstars BTS. However, when you have the chance to invest in something that has the potential to influence the future of technology, then why not invest a small part of your trading budget in a cryptocurrency like Ripple. 

Currently, one US dollar can get you four Ripple coins. Considering that XRP has still to show its true potential and considering that one Bitcoin costs a fortune, it is worth investing a few bucks to add a few Ripple coins to your trading portfolio. Even though Ripple’s price does not spike the same way as the price of other cryptocurrencies, its current value is at a level which allows for a low-risk investment. It may not go from $0.25 to $10,000 overnight, but you will not live with the fear of having paid a fortune for the purchase of a single coin that can lose a big part of its value out of nowhere. 

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