2 Ideas To Keep Your Virtual Wedding Special

2 Ideas To Keep Your Virtual Wedding Special

After a year of working from home, canceling plans, and social distancing, COVID-19 vaccines are well on their way to citizens across the country. However, those safety measures are still necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while people wait for their vaccines. As such, engaged couples are still figuring out how to go through one of the most important days of their lives while remaining distant from loved ones. Virtual weddings allow couples to share their special day with everyone, no matter where they are. How do you preserve the excitement of the day when most of your guests are smiling at you through a video call? Here are just a few ideas to keep your virtual wedding special until you can celebrate properly with everyone.

Make the Invitations Special

One of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding is creating, addressing, and mailing out your gorgeous invitations. The good news is that this step doesn’t have to change at all! You still get to make and send stunning cards inviting your loved ones to attend your virtual ceremony. Spruce up each invitation by adding a monogrammed wax seal with you and your betrothed’s initials. Add ribbon, boho dried flower arrangements, or other creative touches. You can also make your invites more fitting for the virtual occasion by adding a link or QR code to help your guests find your wedding livestream or video call.

Involve Guests

One of the best ideas to keep your virtual wedding special is to find fun ways to involve your guests. One idea is to place your beautiful wedding invites into a care package for every guest. You can include goodies such as sweet treats or a miniature bottle of champagne for them to enjoy while they celebrate with you. On the big day, greet new faces as they jump on the video call or livestream and interact with comments before the ceremony or during your reception. For smaller guest lists, you might have a virtual sit-down dinner together. Party games are another great option, and you can even use the breakout room feature on video calls to divide your guests into teams. Schedule time to interact with your guests so that they truly feel like they’re celebrating with you on your special day.

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