Why Is It Important To Study Shakespeare?

There have been many prolific writers over the course of our history, but none have stood out quite like William Shakespeare on a global scale. Shakespeare has created some of the most iconic pieces of literature that the world has ever seen, and a lot of his work is kept alive even today. The stories, the characters, and the way his written words jump out at the reader is something Shakespeare successfully achieved during his lifetime.

Even if you’re not a student of literature and have never read one of his books, you must be aware of timeless tales such as Romeo and Juliet. Students have been reading this story for centuries and creating their own topics after being inspired by it. You can easily see how this story has inspired students’ work at https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/romeo-and-juliet/ by reading some essay examples of Romeo and Juliet. These free-to-read essays and essayservice are a very strong indicator of the fact that the importance of Shakespeare is still very prevalent in the world of literature and education. 

These written essay samples on the topic of Romeo and Juliet show not only the importance but also the benefits of reading Shakespeare. And as a result of it, all inspired students think “Now it’s not a problem for me to essay properly.” Besides, it develops the interest in classic literature. If you’re still wondering why we read Shakespeare, there are some very good reasons to shed light on this topic.

An Introduction

Before we answer the question, “why do we read Shakespeare?”, let’s take a look at who he was. He was a prose writer and a poet who lived in England during the 16th and 17th centuries. Other than being a writer, he was also an actor. Some of his most famous works today were created by him between 1589 and 1613. These include famous titles such as: 

  •       Romeo and Juliet
  •       Hamlet
  •       Othello
  •       Macbeth
  •       The Merchant of Venice

 For a writer who lived centuries ago to have such relevance in literature today, there has to be something great in his work. That is why experts have been studying his work for centuries and many Shakespeare articles for high school students are created today, encouraging them to read his work. 

Why Study His Work Today?

There are many different reasons and benefits of reading Shakespeare, but the following three are the most important: 

?      The Storylines are Unmatched

If there is one thing in his work that has to be appreciated over everything else, it must be the excellent and engaging plots he came up with. His work spans many different topics such as love, revenge, power, murder, and guilt. His deep storylines are the reason why there are so many screen adaptations for Romeo and Juliet taking place even today. Movie experts have tried to use his characters and storylines to create new stories, such as Titanic, which shows exactly how to study Shakespeare and get inspired by his stories. 

?      The Characters are Relatable

Another big reason to delve into the deep database of this writer’s work is to get introduced to his timeless characters. From Romeo and Juliet as the young lovers to Hamlet, who is the most complex character he ever created, there is so much in his characters that people can relate to even today. If you’re a student of literature and you want to learn how to develop characters, you should not ignore the importance of Shakespeare and his work. 

?      The Writing is Challenging

For students and young readers, going through some of the titles written by Shakespeare will prove to be challenging. The language and the way in which he writes is something quite unique which is a great way for readers to learn English prose and poetry. Once you have read Shakespeare and understood it, there won’t be much out there that you’ll have trouble reading. 


So, why do we read Shakespeare? We read him because he has created some of the most acclaimed books of all time. We read him because his stories, written centuries ago, are so timeless that they still feel relatable. We read him because the way in which he writes is absolutely inspirational for everyone who wishes to write. The benefits of reading Shakespeare go far beyond just passing the time with a good book. He is one of the very few writers whose work can be analyzed by students and experts alike and benefit both.


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