Best Free Educational Apps for Learners

Currently, learning has taken another direction, with technology playing the most significant role. Learning has become quicker and convenient. A few years ago, mobile apps development and devices seemed appropriate for learners. Instructors tried as much as they could to ensure they do not interfere with students learning.

However, it did not work out. Right now, mobile devices and apps have become part of learning. Students cannot live without them. Technology has transformed everything about education, making it easier for scholars.

There are various apps that learners can utilize for better learning. They also encourage kids to enjoy learning at their tender age. Therefore, this piece will help you to highlight them for your benefit.

Google Classroom

A lot of work characterizes college education. Learners are supposed to draft and hand in different educational papers. They have to complete their assignments on time for teachers to grade their work. The entire process is not laid back.

Thanks to Google classroom, streamlines the process to ensure that both instructors and learners have an easy time laying their part.

The app is simple to use and enables learners to interact with teachers freely. It is because the app allows improved communication, organization and faster grading. You can download it on the Google Play Store.

In today’s setting, the world has become a small village where everyone can interact with the other—distance is no longer a barrier. You can communicate with people from different parts of the world.

It is vital to study a new language. It takes commitment for one to learn a new language. However, Duolingo is here for you. It has made learning a new language exciting and straightforward.

The app assists you learn various languages, including English, Spanish, Latin, and French, among others. The app starts with the basics, picture labeling games for familiarity.

As you advance in levels, it becomes more engaging to enhance vocabulary and grammar competencies.

The best part is that it tracks your learning performance and provides more insights. With more than 30 languages, you are sure to get the language you want to learn. It comes with interactive stories to make learning more enjoyable.

The app offers a forum discussion with leaderboards competition and language study events. It is ideal when it comes to studying new languages. Download it on the Google Play Store and start learning your preferred language.


Many learners dream of taking a course in leading universities like MIT, Harvard, and Columbia. The problem is, it is not easy to get a chance in these universities. However, edX summarize this. With the app, you are on the right move to achieve your dreams. The app brings all these universities to your fingertips.

With edX, distance is not an issue anymore. It helps you learn anything because it provides more than two hundred courses from top universities.

The app is available on Google Play Store with video tutorials, interactive quizzes and study material handouts.



It is arguably an ideal platform for scholars. It has numerous learning tutorials for a wide range of subjects. It helps you to learn anything at your pace.

It allows you to ask questions in areas you feel you have not understood. You can consult learners and instructors to assist you in understanding and clearing your doubts.

Udemy has expert instructors to ensure you learn effectively. It also allows room for discussions and interactive learning. Therefore, if you need to have an easy time in your course, get Udemy. It will assist you in achieving your educational aims.


The app is also available on Google Play Store with several effective avenues for easy and quick learning. It has various modes that enable you to learn your preferred topic. Quizlet is amazing because it incorporates flashcards that promote active learning.

The powerful learning technique stimulates your memory while learning actively, and flashcards enable you to do that. It also has many gaming activities to assist you to recall what you have learned.

Quizlet contains practice tests, custom audio and image to enhance learning and study tests for standardized exams.

Therefore, these free apps are set to change your learning experience. Identify your learning need and use these apps for your convenience. They are customized to assist you to enjoy learning and provide an excellent experience. Technology has provided everything you need; make good use of it!

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