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Hinges for doors and kitchen furniture can be tricky. Good matching of the hinge to the target piece of furniture is quite an art. Fortunately, a store where you can find exactly the furniture hinges you need can be a big help in all this.

Furnica – for the biggest and the smallest!

 Furnica is a full-size online furniture store that sells furniture accessories online, but not only. The company was established in Great Britain as a family business, and over time it has grown enough to create several separate large warehouses in Great Britain, a dozen domestic branches spread across Europe and a foreign office in the United States.

Furnica’s main mission is to provide the best possible furniture accessories and fittings at the best possible prices. And although Furnica operates internationally and supplies large furniture chains and other wholesalers, it does not forget about the smallest. In Furnica, shopping at wholesale prices is also available to retail customers. Everyone can use the extensive catalog of furniture products in exactly the way they want. 

Furnica – specialists in furniture hinges and other accessories

 Individual furniture accessories are not such an easy industry as it might seem. The point is that there are a good deal of different furniture that matching the right accessory to a given piece of furniture becomes more and more difficult. In the Furnica store, however, this process is well optimized.

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Take, for example, furniture hinges. When choosing a furniture hinge, we must take into account a number of criteria. Of course, the dimensions of the hinge are important. Then: a kind of hinge (due to the mechanism and mode of operation), and there are quite a few of them. Moving on, the type of furniture to which we want to mount the hinge is important. In kitchen corner cabinets it will be necessary to use hinges with a specific opening angle, completely different than in the case of a free-standing furniture cabinet or situated in a parallel arrangement. How do you get caught up in all of this? Well, at Furnica you don’t have to be an expert in furniture accessories to choose the product you need without any problems. The entire structure of the store – also from the purely technical and programming side – makes it easier to make a choice and makes shopping more enjoyable. 

Customer experience does a job

 Customer service is a very important element of every online and stationary store. If we select products in Furnica and are unsure of something, we can always ask on the hotline for more details. Today’s customer experience is the basis of the basics (you probably remember how Amazon’s creator Jeff Bezos recently said that he is not afraid of competition that will offer a lower price, he is afraid of competition that will provide customers with better customer experience processes)! Speaking of the devil, Furnica products can also be found easily on Amazon… That’s it, buy wherever you want and be happy!


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