New Orleans’ Best Entertainment Locations

If you are planning to visit the United States, one city will definitely offer diverse culture and history. New Orleans has long been a popular tourist destination for many tourists from all over the world. There are a lot of things to do in NOLA and many places to visit. Below are some recommendations of places to check out if you ever make it to the Big Easy. 

Boomtown Casino

If you like to gamble and you need a place to stay, be sure to check this place out. This hotel and casino is a desirable tourist destination that you can find on the Westbank- a part of the city on the opposite side of the Mississippi River. The casino has a ton of games to keep patrons busy and accommodations to ensure guests have a memorable experience.


Gambling in New Orleans is popular and legal. There are many casinos in the city, or better said in the whole state, and they are open year round. These casinos are stunning to play at. They have been hot spots for locals and tourists alike for decades. 

In New Orleans, you can find and enjoy over 2,392 slots and play around 122 table games. Of course, the list is getting longer as we speak and soon you will be able to play even more games since Louisiana voted to allow sports betting

Online gambling is legal here as well. You can play at some of the best online casinos with fast payout withdrawal. A casino of this kind is also known as an instant payout. Finding the best instant withdrawal online casino can be difficult unless you check out the proper review of each place and only then make up your mind. 

Central Business District

This district, known locally as the CBD, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Orleans despite not being as renown as the French Quarter. The CBD is a part of the city loaded with tall buildings, theaters, restaurants and so much more. It is easy to spend the day in the CBD shopping, drinking, eating and end the evening with a show at one of the many theaters or music venues available.

The National WWII Museum is also located in downtown New Orleans. The museum offers guests a remarkable look back at the history of WWII with a bevy of artifacts from the war.  If you want to have a bit of a rest and enjoy nature, you may want to move from the Central Business District to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. A 20 minute drive from downtown will land you in the heart of Louisiana’s swamplands where you can observe alligators and other local animals in their habitats. 

French Quarter

The French Quarter is the most renown part of the city, but for good reason.  It is one of the most beautiful parts of the city and definitely one that holds the most history. The quarter was founded in the 18th century while New Orleans grew to be one of America’s first and biggest international ports. It is almost essential to visit this section if you are a tourist just to say you experienced New Orleans. So what is there to do in the French Quarter?

First of all, there are countless coffee houses and bars where you can enjoy quality beverages while relaxing with a book or simply watching passersby. Whatever your budget, there is a place to stay in the Quarter, making traveling simple.  Chances are that you will have the opportunity to experience some type of festival or celebration while you are visiting the Big Easy. The biggest and the best-known festival held in the Quarter is the French Quarter Festival usually held during the spring time, but unfortunately was rescheduled due to the pandemic. It will be held in October this year, so you have a lot of time to prepare and visit the city.

Photo by Zack Smith Photography, Courtesy of French Quarter Festivals, Inc.

Other places you can visit in this part of the city include Jackson Square, Preservation Hall, and the French Market. If you have limited time visiting NOLA, the French Quarter will give you the best the city has to offer all within walking distance.


You should visit this city if you are fun-loving, enjoy festivals, enjoy museums and also if you like to gamble. Gambling in New Orleans is legal, accessible, and comes with many perks. There are many games to enjoy and some casinos are also hotels so you can stay and play at the same place. Some players come from all parts of the world just so they can visit and play at some of the best casinos that are located in New Orleans. 


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