The President of the Women’s Republican Club of New Orleans Warns of “Nanobytes” in Vaccine

Source: “Information warfare @wikipedia with coronavirus conspiracy theories” by dullhunk is licensed under CC BY 2.0

In response to the FDA approving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and the Archdiocese of New Orleans discouraging Catholics from getting it, prominent New Orleans Republic figure and conspiracy theorist Martha Huckabay unexpectedly endorsed it. 

Her rationale was that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is clearly President Trump’s. Therefore, if people are going to get any vaccine, which she does not recommend, they should clearly get his since he’s a god or whatever else QAnon is calling him nowadays. 

Huckabay, who is the President of the Women’s Republican Club of New Orleans, explained that “Trump mentioned that there are “THREE” vaccine companies. He did NOT name them but we know their names. The two that the global cabal, Queen of England, King of Britain, Vatican, and their particularly evil Pope, Bill Gates and the Microsoft guy, and Fauci are pushing is MODERNA and PFIZER. Supposedly, these two can kill and track a person. Lastly, the THIRD company is “Johnson & Johnson.””

She went on to write that “the Archdiocese, which gets their orders from the Vatican, advised us not to get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. They are saying it NOW has aborted “fetuses” in it…The Pope said, it is ok to get the MODERNA and PFIZER vaccine, he said, your sin will be absolved.”

She then went on to ask why the Archdiocese never brought up “aborted fetuses” in the vaccines under the Obama administration, and why they decided to not support vaccines with cell lines derived from abortions the day after Trump went on TV and mentioned “THREE COVID  VACCINE choices.” Trump went on TV to announce the choices on February 28, and the Archdiocese of New Orleans released their statement two days before that on February 26.

She explained that these are your choices if you choose to get the vaccine, “MODERNA (RNA modified) PFIZER (RNA modified) JOHNSON AND JOHNSON (Immune therapy) .” 

She went on to explain that, “MODERNA (Modified RNA) has NEVER EVER been used inside of humans before. Are they really vaccines or are they shots with nanobytes, modified RNA, and plant and animal DNA?” She added later on that, “Those who have done their research know that MODERNA is owned by Elon Musk and funded by Bill Gates the Ugenist” so the company was not to be trusted. 

Her conclusion was that “If we are forced to take one I believe that Johnson and Johnson is the safer of the three.” She believes that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the one that “President Trump gave 11 billion dollars to in order to come up with a vaccine in a shorter amount of time.”

She believes that Trump fought the FDA to release the vaccine sooner. She said that since “President Trump cannot advertise one company over another legally… he is relying on us to do our own research.” She finished by saying we have to listen to the holy spirit, which will guide us to the right vaccine. 

After many conservative news outlets came out against the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because it includes cells derived from an aborted fetus in its development process, her stance was surprising. Of course, it has echoes of QAnon, which does have a knack for twisting logic. 

In the past, Huckabay has voiced her fears about the Moderna vaccine in numerous Facebook posts, including one in which she wrote, “Hannity just advocted for MODERNA vaccine. That is the vaccine that has the tracking nanobytes in it called “LUCIFRAISE.”  MADERNA vaccine changes your DNA forever. You will transform into what they are calling transhumane. My family will NOT be taking the covid vaccines. Jesus is Lord over this household.#Trump2020Landslide”

It’s safe to say, that the bulk of her posts on the vaccines are full of dangerous fabrications and obvious errors, but becoming a “transhumane” does sound kind of cool. 

Martha Huckabay did not respond to our request for a comment.


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