VivaSlim Reviews – Simple Promise Weight Loss Liquid Supplement Really Works?

VivaSlim is a new liquid supplement that targets the stubborn fat layers deposited in different parts of the body to help accelerate weight loss. According to its official website, this powerful weight-loss formula has been designed to target the closed “cytokine gates” that have been trapping fat molecules in your cells for a long time, making it difficult to lose weight. By removing this cellular fat trap, the liquid fat inside the cells can be released, and consequently, you can expect to experience weight reduction in a completely natural way.

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Obesity has risen as a potential epidemic since the constant rise in its cases for the past 40 years. Despite the presence of countless weight-loss strategies, people have failed to keep it under control, mainly because none of these interventions addresses the root cause of weight gain. Being overweight can be extremely disturbing and damaging, not only for your physical health but also for your mental health. In addition to putting you at risk of serious problems like heart attacks and diabetes, it can also make you feel depressed and lose self-esteem.

There are several reasons that can be responsible for obesity; hormonal imbalance, sluggish metabolism, or unhealthy lifestyles, all can ultimately lead to it. Whatever the reason might be, the best solution to overcome it is by fixing the real cause of the issue, and one potential way to do this is by using the VivaSlim supplement by Simple Promise.

Keep reading this VivaSlim review to know more about this magical elixir, what it contains, and how to use it to your benefit.

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VivaSlim Review

Are you tired of the extra fat layers on your thighs? Do the rolls of fat on your stomach bother you? Are you always bloated, constipated, and cramped with constant fear for making a public appearance just because you think others will judge you for being obese and not healthy at all? The VivaSlim supplement can be the solution to your problems.

VivaSlim is a breakthrough solution that helps release the stored fats from the body cells, thanks to its all-natural blend of supplements. It is a dietary supplement that opens the trapped cytokine gates to allow fat to get out of the cells so that effective weight loss can occur. The product is available in the form of oral drops that you can consume directly or mix with your favorite beverage.

According to the official website, VivaSlim does not contain any stimulants or toxic chemicals to boost its effects. It adopts a totally different approach that has been backed by multiple clinical research. By using the special blend of 11 natural ingredients, minerals, and vitamins, daily consumption of this liquid supplement can not only reduce the fat content from your belly but also improve your health.

The manufacturers have mentioned how tons of people have been able to get the body of their dreams with the help of VivaSlim drops. Moreover, it also mentions how the product is likely to work on all users, no matter what their weight loss goal or age is. What makes this weight loss supplement different from others is that as per the company you do not need to indulge in intense exercises or give up on all your favorite foods. All you need to do is follow a 2-minute ritual as mentioned on the website, and watch for your weight to drop.

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How Does VivaSlim Really Work?

To understand how VivaSlim works against weight gain, it is important for you to understand why people gain weight which they are unable to lose later.

  • Obesity and the role of Cytokine Gates

Consider your fat cells as balloons that fill up with liquid fat as you eat food, forcing them to swell up. This liquid is released from the cells whenever your body needs to burn them to gain energy which helps cells shrink back to their original size. When these “balloons” fill up with fat, you tend to gain weight and as the liquid fat is released from them, you lose weight. 

Now you might be wondering what controls this entry and exit of liquid fat in the fat cells. According to research, this movement is controlled by tiny modulators called cytokine gates. When these gates are open, liquid fat can pour out easily but once they are closed, they trap the fat inside, making the cells bigger in size, ultimately leading to obesity. This is one of the reasons why you are unable to lose weight with the conventional weight-loss strategies as most of them are unable to reopen these cytokine gates that have been shut closed. Hence, to get rid of such weight gain, it is important to open these gates and a supplement like VivaSlim drops can be of help in this context.

  • What causes Cytokine gates to close?

Normally, the cytokine gates are supposed to close during emergencies only. For example, in case the body is experiencing freezing weather, extreme stress, or long periods of famine, it automatically responds by shutting these gates to hoard on the fats and use them in need. Consider it as a part of the natural survival mechanism.

However, in today’s world, these gates are forced to get shut all the time even when you are not in an emergency, mostly because of excessive exposure to toxic chemicals coming from the air, water, and food. These chemicals have been rendered as the primary cause behind the global epidemic of obesity as they are constantly poisoning the weight control systems in your body, reducing the natural ability to lose weight, and making you fatter with every passing day. You may also check out how supplements like BioFit probiotic also aid in weight loss. 

  • How can the VivaSlim supplement help?

The VivaSlim supplement is powered by natural plant extracts that possess properties that can help open up the blocked cytokine gates. Once these gates open up, the body’s metabolism starts working like a fiery furnace that starts burning fats at an efficient speed. Once this happens, the following changes are expected to occur:

  1. Leptin, the hunger hormone responsible for inducing satiety, floods your body and prevents you from overeating and unhealthy cravings.
  2. The fat-burning system of the body starts working optimally.
  3. As more fats start burning, more energy is released which helps you revitalize your body.

Collectively, all these effects help in effective weight loss. 

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Benefits of Using VivaSlim Drops – How Can This Supplement Help You?

According to,  using this liquid supplement for weight loss can help users achieve the following benefits:

  • Removal of fat layers pound after pound from the body
  • A flattened stomach
  • Lesser fat around neck and cheeks
  • Tighter skin with a youthful glow
  • Shiny, smooth, and sleek hair
  • Stronger, shinier nails
  • Lesser cravings
  • Improved energy levels

Remember that the benefits of the VivaSlim weight loss supplement can vary in different users. 

VivaSlim Ingredients – What Is Inside This Weight Loss Elixir?

As per the official website, VivaSlim drops have 11 powerful natural plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals that help users achieve strong weight loss benefits. These ingredients are completely natural and are, in no way, supplemented by artificial stimulants and chemicals.

Mentioned below are the VivaSlim ingredients added to this weight loss formula

  • Irvingia gabonensis: This is the main ingredient in VivaSlim drops that primarily works to open the closed cytokine gates. Research has found that this natural extract can improve the metabolic parameters leading to weight reduction. It has also been proven to trigger weight loss at a rate that is four times faster than the regular one. Using it consistently can also reduce the weight circumference.
  • L-Ornithine: This ingredient detoxifies the body and helps improve lean muscle mass which, in turn, aids in weight loss.
  • L-Carnitine: A natural ingredient that helps with weight loss.
  • Maca: This Peruvian herb is extremely nutritious and helps in boosting your mood, improving energy levels, and enhancing cognitive function.
  • L-Arginine: Research has found that using this VivaSlim ingredient can improve waist circumference and reduce body weight.
  • Beta-Alanine: This ingredient also helps in the maintenance of lean muscle mass which enables you to experience better energy and aid in fat burning.
  • L-Glutamine: This is an amino acid that helps in the regulation of insulin and aids in weight loss.

In addition to the above-mentioned ingredients, VivaSlim drops also contain four nutrients i.e. Rhodiola, African Plum Bark, Astragalus, and Niacin all of which can help improve cholesterol profile, control inflammation, reduce brain fog, and strengthen immunity, all of which target the betterment of your general well-being while reducing body weight.

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How To Use The VivaSlim Supplement?

According to the manufacturer, all you need to do with VivaSlim is to take out 2 seconds from your day and use this supplement thrice a day. Mix 10 drops of this liquid formula in water or beverage of your choice and consume it three times a day. You can also consult a healthcare professional to find out which method of consumption best suits you.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that you must observe consistency while consuming the VivaSlim weight loss formula. Skipping any dose will only slow down the results.

The use of VivaSlim drops does not require any dietary modifications or the inclusion of strict workout routines. However, complementing it with a healthy lifestyle is obviously going to help bring faster results. Keep in mind that the exact timeline required for VivaSlim to produce its benefits may vary in different users.

That being said, remember that this supplement is not to be used by pregnant females, nursing mothers, people with co-existing medical conditions, and those already on other medicines. For more advice, consider talking to a doctor.

Where To Buy VivaSlim Drops For the Best Price?

VivaSlim liquid supplement is up for purchase on the official website, One bottle of this supplement is enough to last for about a month and can successfully help open the cytokine gate with regular consumption. 

Mentioned below is the current price list for this supplement:

  • One bottle of VivaSlim is available for $49 instead of the original price of $89.
  • A three-bottle deal is available in which one bottle cost comes down to $39.
  • A six-bottle deal is available at the rate of $31 per bottle.

According to the manufacturers, you can expect to lose a few pounds in the first month while experiencing your metabolism slowly come back to life. After using it for 3 months, the cytokine gates can fully open, allowing fat to rapidly pour out of the cells to help the user lose 1 to pounds every day. Finally, after consistent use of 6 months, the gates would most likely be broken open so the liquid fat can rush out.

In short, to get the best results out of VivaSlim weight loss drops, it is better to buy in bulk.

As soon as you place your order, you will be redirected to a 256-bit encrypted form where you can fill in all your information in a completely safe and secure way. Once you confirm the order, the company will ship the product right away and it will reach you in 5 to 7 business days depending on your address.

If you are not satisfied with the results of VivaSlim drops, the company is willing to take the blame by offering you a money-back guarantee. This guarantee lasts for 365 days and begins from the time you place your order. Thinking about it, the company is giving a year to all of its users to try out their product and decide if it really works for them. And if for some reason, you are not convinced, you can get your money back. This speaks highly of the confidence the company has in its product.

VivaSlim Reviews – Final Words

VivaSlim is a new weight loss formula that is powered by 11 natural ingredients to help users overcome any weight loss troubles. It comes in easy-to-use liquid drops that you just have to mix in your favorite beverage and drink three times a day. The product is priced at economical rates and the presence of exciting deals further makes it an economical investment.

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VivaSlim Weight Loss Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to consume VivaSlim drops?

According to the official website, this supplement has been manufactured using natural ingredients of the highest quality only. Furthermore, all the processing takes place in a facility that runs according to the GMP standards. So the risk of VivaSlim side effects is really low.

  • What is the best way to consume the VivaSlim supplement?

All you need to do is mix 10 drops of this supplement in water and drink it thrice a day. You can also use any other beverage of your choice. Just make sure it is not alcoholic in nature. Every bottle comes with a dropper for keeping a proper count of drops.

  • What if I start losing too much weight too fast?

If you feel like you have started losing weight too fast, do not worry. This is common and can occur with many users. What you need to do in such circumstances is simply cut back on the daily dose of this supplement from thrice a day to once a day. You can also consult with your doctor to be on the safe side.

  • Is VivaSlim the right weight loss solution for me?

There are multiple studies that back up the mechanism adopted by VivaSlim for weight loss. So there are high chances that it can work for everyone, irrespective of sex, age, and current body weight.

  • How long will it take for VivaSlim to produce results?

According to the manufacturers, every user has a different body, so the exact timeline required for this supplement to work may vary in each of them. However, in most cases, users are expected to experience noticeable changes during the first week. They may notice their bellies flattening and clothes feeling looser. However, to experience the full spectrum of benefits, you need to keep using VivaSlim for six months.

  • What if VivaSlim does not work out for me?

It is okay to feel a little skeptical while trying out a new product since there are a lot of scams out there that loot users of their money without providing any significant benefits. However, with the VivaSlim supplement, there is no such risk since the company is offering all users a chance to reclaim their money spent on it if they are not satisfied with the effects of their product. This refund policy is applicable for 365 days which means you have one whole year to keep trying it, and if you still don’t feel like it is up to the mark, simply contact the company by visiting the official website and request a refund. 

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