The Best Places to Travel From New Orleans

Sunset on Galveston Beach

New Orleans is filled with amazing attractions and things to do for everyone, no matter their tastes, and is also central to many other exciting locations in the United States. If you live in New Orleans and want to take a quick trip to another city, or are staying in New Orleans and want to know where to head next, here are some of the best travel destinations you can get to within a few hours’ drive of New Orleans:

Orlando, FL

The coast of Florida is only a few hours’ drive from the city. However, vacation goers should head further inland if they want to enjoy the getaway of their dreams, with Orlando having a travel time of around nine hours from the center of New Orleans. However, the long drive is worth it, with Disney fanatics being able to immerse themselves within the magical world of the movies that they love. You can also enjoy the entertainment along International Drive or in other famous theme parks, such as Universal Studios. Then, to find the perfect place to stay during your trip, Villatel can offer you a great selection of luxury villas in their reunion resort orlando

Memphis, TN

If you are looking to head north, the city of Memphis in Tennessee is almost directly above New Orleans and is under six hours drive from the city. Whether you are interested in the history of the blues or are simply looking for a foodie vacation that will get your stomach growling, Memphis is the perfect getaway for those that love to indulge and to immerse themselves within music history- particularly that of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. 

Natchez, MS

A quick trip of three hours along the Mississippi river will bring you to Natchez, a cradle of US history that is also known for its beautiful landscapes and its fantastic cuisine. Then, whether you enjoy trailing around historic mansions and museums or tasting craft beer, Natchez is filled with tantalizing experiences that will allow you to refresh, unwind, and learn more about the past. 

Mobile, AL

If you want to combine both city landscapes and the warmth of a sea breeze from the Gulf of Mexico, you should head to Mobile in Alabama. Filled with historical buildings, as well as all of the bright lights and big city vibes that you might be craving, Mobile is the best of both worlds. Additionally, Mobile is extremely close to many gorgeous bays and islands, such as Dauphin Island, where you can soak up the sea breeze and enjoy the native wildlife and birds. 

Galveston, TX

Texas is one of the most popular vacation destinations within the United States, and Galveston is one of the most accessible cities in the state from New Orleans, at only five and a half hours’ drive. Galveston is perfect for those that love to relax in the outdoors, with a state park for campers to enjoy, as well as large annual festivals that can give you a reason to travel to this exciting destination.

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