Careers that Care: 5 Professional Pathways That Are Perfect for Helpful Individuals

Does helping other people come naturally to you? If so, you should consider making a livelihood out of your kind-hearted nature by embarking down the caring career routes listed below.

Here are five professional pathways that are perfect for helpful individuals:


Nursing is one of the most caring career ladders that you can climb. From the moment you graduate from medical school right the way through to when you retire, you will be tasked with providing your patients with one-to-one bedside support as a nurse. As your career progresses, your role will differ slightly because you will be asked to diagnose patients and prescribe medication. However, your main role will always be to simply be there for the injured and ill individuals you care for.

Should you decide that nursing is your calling in life, why not seek to maximize your potential in this field by becoming a nurse practitioner? As stated by Texas Woman’s University, here are some of the basic steps that you must take to realize this dream:

  1. Home in on a nurse practitioner specialty
  2. Graduate from a specialty nurse practitioner program
  3. Obtain nurse practitioner national board certification
  4. Get certified to practice as a nurse practitioner in your state, get an advanced medical certificate to stand out in the crowd
  5. Send your resume off to every hospital in your local area

Look at this site for more information, guidance, and advice on what you need to do to become a successful nurse practitioner.

Apart from the versatility in career paths you will be able to choose based on your skills, lifestyle, and preferences, nursing job opportunities are constantly growing. In case you have a nursing degree, chances are you will be able to find a position suited to your experience and specialty quite conveniently.


A career in teaching will allow you to play an active role in keeping today’s youth on the straight and narrow. Once you pursue cheap continuing education courses for teachers and embark on the educator career pathway, you will be tasked with shaping the minds and futures of tomorrow’s generation. Interest piqued? If so, be sure to check out your state’s teacher certification requirements laid out in this insightful article on the matter. This will provide you with a clear indication of what you need to do to follow a long, fruitful, and fulfilling career in education.

Want to maximize your potential as an educator? Well, be sure to heed the following advice!

To become a supremely successful teacher, you must:

  1. Define a clear objective for yourself with regard to each class that you teach (even if you have taught the subject matter a hundred times before)
  2. Greet each new school day with a distinct sense of purpose
  3. Get comfortable with the fact that you will not receive immediate performance feedback

Understand how to handle each student that you teach (you must know when to listen 4. to certain students, and when to ignore others)

  1. Retain a positive attitude and a good sense of humor no matter how much your students misbehave
  2. Reflect on your performance as an educator regularly
  3. Communicate clearly and coherently with your students’ parents
  4. Adapt to the differing needs and specifications of your individual students
  5. Embrace change whenever it takes place in your classroom
  6. Want every single one of your students to achieve — if you do not have this desire or passion, teaching might not be the best career route for you


At its core, psychology is a field designed to help people overcome the various troubles they face in their day-to-day lives. Should you take on the challenge of becoming a trained psychologist, you could find yourself caring for all individuals’ manner in all manner of capacities.

Before you can embark down this caring career route, you first need to obtain a psychology degree. In this course, you will not only develop subject-specific knowledge, but you will also learn how to understand yourself and other people on a deeper level. This will refine your capacity for critical thinking, which in turn will improve your ability to provide your future patients/clients with the exact level of psychiatric care that they want, need, and deserve.

With a higher education psychology qualification at hand, you will be able to apply for the following roles:

  1. Clinical psychologist
  2. Forensic psychologist
  3. Occupational psychologist
  4. High-intensity therapist
  5. Further education teacher
  6. Psychological wellbeing practitioner
  7. Advice worker
  8. Human Resources officer
  9. Mediator
  10. Life coach

Social work

There will always be individuals out there who need a little bit of extra support, and you can be the one to provide them with this assistance by becoming a social worker. Once you embark on this career pathway, you will be tasked with helping many different people overcome whatever challenges they face daily. 

As soon as you become a social worker, no two working days will be the same for you ever again. During any given shift, you could find yourself working alongside the following types of people:

  1. older adults who require assistance concerning planning their future care
  2. Adults who have learning difficulties
  3. Adolescents who suffer from mental health issues
  4. Families in which there are child protection concerns
  5. Offenders who require support during their stay in prison and ex-offenders who need guidance after their release


Whether your role entails you fundraising out on the front line or whether it involves you playing your part behind the scenes, charitable work is perfect for you if you have a passion for helping others.

If you want to excel as an employee in the charity sector, be sure to hone the ten skills listed below:

  1. Dedication
  2. Enthusiasm
  3. Collaboration
  4. Communication (oral and written)
  5. Administrative
  6. Organization
  7. Commercial awareness
  8. Proactivity
  9. Flexibility
  10. Understanding of different languages (especially those that are spoken by a vast amount of people in your local region)

If you are a naturally caring, helpful, and attentive person, you should consider embarking down one of the professional pathways listed above. Whether you choose to become a nurse, a teacher, a psychologist, a social worker, or a charity employee, you will be sure to enjoy a happy and successful career in the future.

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